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The Messenger

The Silent War; World War III, is a Religious War that all shall Participate in.  

The Silent War is a War that has been building up since the time of Adam and Eve and the partaking of the Forbidden Fruit that was also the beginning of your God Given Right the Right to Choose Right from Wrong. Now in the End the Lambs Book of Life is now here upon the Earth as God said it would be. It shall be written upon the Earth and in no certain Language but written in a way that every man, woman and child would understand it. 

To see it, to understand it is only the Question; Where should you be? Are you with Jesus Christ and God Almighty or do you follow yet another? The End is near when all time will stop and the world will change. Jesus Christ united with his father God Almighty and the Warriors from the Heavens Above for the Judgement Day is upon us and the Final Battle between Good and Evil will begin. See it and Know it, Pass the Word as I am doing. Save another as Jesus Christ would do for  the End is near and Jesus Christ is now walking the Earth in search for his People. To deny the Lambs Book of Life is to deny Jesus Christ and God Almighty. To accept this Message and the Lambs Book of Life is to accept Jesus Christ and God Almighty. To Pass this Message to all others is to do as Jesus Christ would in Honor of his Father God Almighty 

The Wayward Babe with Angelic Standards


Act 17:24 in the bible. So God hides bible truths from the angels and the demons, who are far wiser and far more intellectual than us, and reveals them to babes by angelic standards. All humans are babes by angelic standards. So the bible has to be sufficiently hard to decode and sufficiently ambiguous that even the angels cannot crack it. Then God can choose to give an insight to a baby human, and this lowly man, will than crack a part of the code first. The angels, on seeing this, will hit their spirit foreheads with their spirit hands and go doh! They then will race ahead of us humans using their superior intelligence and linguistic dexterity, only to get stuck at the next angelic road block until God chooses to reveal the next key to another lowly human. 

Learn the Secret of the Lambs Book of Life


As the wayward Babe with Angelic Standards God has given unto me The Lambs Book of Life, The Numeric Code and The Hidden Message all foretold in God’s Word the Bible that tell the Past, Present and the Future to Come. Learn the Secrets of how it all comes together that tell who’s who and what’s what in the happenings of the world of today and why it has now come to pass.