The Wayward Babes

Why the Wayward Babes


In all the dreams that most Parents have when they get Married is to be the idealistic Parent for their Newborn Child/Children each and every time one is born. When they look upon that baby the new life for which they brought into this World they are overcome with the awe/owes and yet with the fear as to what is the mystery of life they Created and of the responsibility for raising the child to adulthood. For at which time they have mixture of emotions of love and fear of the promises for which they made to that Child in hopes their Acts/Works would be perfect as Parents to Nurture, Teach and Guide for this newborn deserved nothing Less. 

We were determined to pass on to these Child/Children all the values that we were taught from our Parents that were most import to us, including our faith/religion. We believed in all innocence and ignorance, when our Child/Children reached adulthood, then our parenting responsibilities would be complete. We would then reap our just rewards and with humble gratitude receive the honor and adulation of family and friends. 

Then as one Life banged us up against the mystery we feared only to learn very soon of our own imperfections and limitations of the definite personality of our Child/Children now instead of the realization of our dreams we were now confronted with a Child that went astray. Despite our efforts and our waiting times of faith, despite years of words and examples and prayers we now find ourselves in a situation that we never envisioned. (A Wayward Babe) 

No matter how hard we wish or dream, work hard for, to defend, protect, teach and set a good example of what we wanted to see in our Child or Children whichever the case maybe when they have grown to adulthood and gained their freedom and their God given Right to choose Right from Wrong that’s the day your job ended and a new adult is born to become another position in the Circle of Life as God Planed it to be. No matter how hard you planned, that young adult will always test the waters to find the Path for which they would fallow in life. That Childs personality has come from not only from you but also the environment for which he or she encountered during the times of growing up. The mixture of the many can and will always influence the outcome of a Child. If a Child goes astray (A Wayward Babe) it then takes Trust and Faith on your part now a friend more than a Parent using Knowledge and Wisdom as you yourself will grow older to only make suggestions or teach by example to keep them on a right path the same as the Bible would teach. One note to keep in mind when using Gods Word as guidance, Gods Word is the Double Edge Sword it has the Ability to Cut in both direction One direction for the Good the other in direction of Evil. Good and Evil is also Symbolized in God’s Word the Bible as Thy Staff (The Good) Thy Rod (Evil by Punishment) 

In the Bible it foretells of Two Wayward Babes both are the same but different many from within the Heart and Soul which both went through similar lives of Childhood with different Parents, Families and Surroundings the very environment that aided in the outcome of the Wayward Babes Personality that became the Path for which they Chose of Free Will the right to choose, their God given Right. A Wayward Babe is a Soul that ventured out of the expectations, dreams, high hopes that the Parents, Family, and Friends whether it be through Religion or Social Positions. They have now being of Adulthood leaving Both Teachings one in the home and the other being Education that both could be instrumented/influenced by Religion that will bring about the great experience, their Freedom. Generally most Wayward Babes ventures out only to find the reality of life is not what they thought it would be rebounding them back to Both types of Teachings Religion, Educational and with the aid of family and friends only through Guidance and not peer pressure that only miss guides and make the Child feel uncomfortable and want to go astray again. The Young Adult is what everyone’s eyes are upon only to see what will become of them and how they will direct their lives in hopes to find something to Bragg about, That’s my Child, he/she sure aced that one, isn’t he/she the greatest, my son/daughter graduated top of their entire Class. These are all examples of Boasting and Bragging that only produces peer pressures only to obtain your outcome and not the outcome of what the Young Adult really wanted Thus causing them to slide backwards in some cases and some permanent to never return. To understand that that is within a Child that most Adults seem to forgotten is Dreams something a lot of parents always told their Children was to Dream Big and work hard for those Dream and maybe someday they will come true. God states this in a same manner just different when he stated it, Dreams are the outcry of the Heart and Soul the mind and body are just the means to make it all happen. Always listen to your Heart and Soul to influence the Mind for which controls the Body to make it all Happen. The Heart and Soul(God) the Mind(Acts) the Body(Works) Equals the Outcome (all is Good) as God stated when he created the Earth and Adam and Eve(All Is Good) in the beginning and needs to be for all Eternity as God promised it would be even in the End after the Evil is removed from the Earth(All shall be Good again) 

As a Wayward babe I did walk away from Both Religion and Education and latter do to the Acts of Family and Friends I walked away from it all for good cause and reason. So God could mold me into that Wayward Babe with Angelic Standards for a greater purpose of Humanity by presenting the Lambs Book of Life first to Translate and then share it with the World. 

Act 17:24 in the bible. So God hides bible truths from the angels and the demons, which are far wiser and far more intellectual than us, and reveals them to babes by angelic standards. All humans are babes by angelic standards. So the bible has to be sufficiently hard to decode and sufficiently ambiguous that even the angels cannot crack it. Then God can choose to give an insight to a baby human, and this lowly man, will than crack a part of the code first. The angels, on seeing this, will hit their spirit foreheads with their spirit hands and go dah! They then will race ahead of us humans using their superior intelligence and linguistic dexterity, only to get stuck at the next angelic road block until God chooses to reveal the next key to another lowly human. Well the Angels seen God gave me the first part of the Numeric Code and the Angels raced ahead looking for yet another God fooled them again and gave me the Second Part of the Numeric Code and the Hidden Message that are both foretold in the Bible now I have it all The Lambs Book of Life, The Numeric Code and the Hidden Message and the knowledge of the Book with No Name that was not to be written about until the End Times and shall be the First Book that shall be open. 

The only things I can offer everyone is the Advice of, is read this book for its Entirety and view it as a Whole and the Truth will be Told. 

Once you have, if you are still in doubt or lost then turn to the Bible Gods Word and Jesus Christ and God Almighty and they will guide you to the Truth. 

In the End anyone in doubt of God Almighty his Son Jesus Christ and the Lambs Book of Life the final Message from God to Mankind that his Son is Coming back to claim his Kingdom and his Bride will be the first to be cast into the Abyss of the Lake of Fire for Jesus Christ does not and will not have a Doubting Soul at his Side who he cannot Trust you’re either with him or you’re not that’s your God Given Right to Choose not even Jesus Christ, God Almighty nor any Man can take away from you. 

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