The Boil in the Left Side of Jesus Christ

The Acts/Works of Mankind for which your Judged By


In accordance with the vary words for which are foretold in the Bible as to the Final Days for which Mankind shall be Judged by their Acts/Works as to whom they were and whom they became from the Past to the Present whether their Acts/Works were that of thy own as a single person or whether they were part of a Origination/Congregation working as a Body as Whole whether they participated directly or indirectly as to the Acts/Works that were done. The vary Acts I have seen in the Legal Systems of modern times Jesus Christ will use them against those who practice them. Such as Guilt by Association, Guilt by Participation directly or indirectly, Ignorance to the Laws is no Excuse, Guilty until Proven Innocent, Prejudice, How much Justice can you Afford, We must Sacrifice the Few for the Good of the Many and It’s the Survival of the Fittest. For God puts no price on a Human Life when it comes to True Justice Equal to all men Rich or Poor Nor does God or his Son wishes to obtain Material Wealth for a single Life or Soul that are worth more than all the Wealth you could ever behold. This is exactly why Jesus Christ stated; Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and what belongs to God give unto God. (Meaning the Souls of Mankind and not the Wealth of Man)

According to Romans 1:18-32, when men turn away for the knowledge of God revealed so vividly in creation, God, as an expression of His holy wrath, turns men over to their own devices and foolish imaginations. This always results in moral devolution and degeneration. Paul teaches us that the varied forms of the awful sinfulness of man have their beginnings in the rejection of the revelation of in creation. Ungodliness is always the source of unrighteousness; ungodliness 

(Turning away for God) leads to idolatry (man worshipping the products of his mind and hands), and idolatry leads to unchained sensuality. (Men with no Honor, Woman with no Shame) 

As the refused to follow the light, they were brought to folly in their thoughts—“became vain in their Corrupt reasoning’s, and foolish senseless hearts was darkened.” The intellectual revolt against what they knew to be right was attended by a darkening of the whole understanding. The refusal to accept the truth destroys the power to discriminate between truth and error. 

In the image you have now seen under the full understanding it is part of the Lambs Book of Life that God said it shall be written upon the Earth symbolizes the image is encapsulated in the Earth. The very location of this image is in the Left Side of Jesus Christ that symbolizes the days of the Past when Christ was Crucified and Lanced in the side to puncher his Lungs to insure he was Dead. (The Acts/works of Man) That image alone represents a Boil that has been festering up for Thousands of years. The very Acts/Works that’s going on within the Boil is the very Acts/Works for which Humanity is paying the price for, Human Lives. Inside the Boil are Clouds Floating in the air, A Bottle and a Scientist working with a Microscope all symbolizing/representing the Pollutions of the current times all generated by Mankind Polluting the Air, Water and the Earth all that that is microscopic, Genetic Altered, Burning of Fossil Fuels, Spreading of Herbicides, Pesticides, Genetic Altered Seeds and Plants, Generic Drugs, Synthetic Drugs, Biological Chemicals etc. which brings about the Questions as who Created it and who’s promoting it? Are these the Acts/Works of Man for the Greater Good for God or are they for the Greater Good of the Destruction of Mankind and the Earth our Lord and Savior Kingdom all in the name of Fame, Fortune and Glory, Glory of what destroying the very thing that gives us Life. These very Acts/Works that’s bringing about the very problems for which Humanity is facing today of the Major Diseases that are affecting Human lives, such as premature Baldness, Infertility rates climbing, Sexual Orientation, Birth Defects, Mental Retardation, Cancers, Lipoma, Leukemia, Sugar Diabetes, Increased Growth Rates, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Memory Loss and even Death. For which some of the Creations are only to cover up truth of what was Created, Thus Creating the Cloud between Truth and Error. 

View it Far and Near

This image is only one of many is why God stated unto me; View it Far and Near as a Entirety as a Whole and the Truth shall be Told. This also is why the Lambs Book of Life cannot consist of a single Image/Photo of it's Cover and why he chose a Wayward Babe who would follow his very instructions and inspirations to lead to the locations of these images and what they are telling you. This is Why my Job is to Translate the Lambs Book of Life to it's True Meaning. (All Men do is Self Inflicted)