The Lambs Book of Life

Gods Creation for his Son Jesus Christ


The Lambs Book of Life was written upon the Earth as it was written in the Heavens above as God States; As is upon the Earth, As it be in the Heavens Above. So if the Earth is an image of the Heavens above would it not be a reflection of the Heavens above. So in viewing the Lambs Book of Life that was written by God in the Heavens above would be a reflection of the Lambs Book of Live from the Heavens above. Like that of a reflection in a Mirror the same but different, you see yourself in a Mirror and the image in the Mirror is the total opposite of the creator of the Image, the Image itself. So when the Image from above is reflected upon the Earth of The Lambs Book of Life it reads from Right to Left and the Begins is in the Back and the End is in the front meaning the first page when opened it would be the current times. Not to be confused with how the front cover of the Lambs Book of Life as written upon the Earth. This is why God had instructed me to write this Book as illustrated on the Lambs Book of Life as if it were a reflection and start from the End to the Beginning and not the Beginning to the End. So this Book starts from the End, the current happenings combined with the images on the Lambs Book of Life. 

For God States; The Lambs Book of Life Shall not be written in any curtain Language, But shall be written in such a way that every Man, Woman and Child would be able to understand it. (It’s all Images of Acts/Works of Mankind from the Begging to the End). The very things for which God states you shall be Judged By/Punished By your very Actions which produces the works the outcome for which you live by.

Many people have asked a reasonable question which is explained further in, in this Book. So at this time I will give a brief Answer to the Question at hand. Why I have the Lambs Book of Life and no one else has it? Do to the mass confusions of the different teaching of the different versions of Both Religion and Churches of today God could not entrust the Lambs Book of Life with any Certain Religion. Why? Had he done so the Lambs Book of Life would then become one sided or favoring that Certain Religion who would then state I am the One and the Only One True Religion. So God had to come up with a plan so the Lambs Book of Life could be Translated without a Biases reflection. (See Wayward Babes) 

When I first started seeing all the Images that seemed to be all in a certain area I knew there had to be something they were all trying to explain. When I had asked others what these Images could possibly mean all I got back in return was they were just Anomalies like people seeing figure in clouds or outcropping in Rocks and Ridge lines against the sky. But no one could explain why so many of them were only in one location. When searching for the Answers as why it was there and who put them there? God did come un to me with these simple words. “Search it far and near view it in an Entirety as a Whole and Truth will be Told”. 

First God States; The only one Worthy to Possess The Lambs Book of Life is his Son Jesus Christ for he shed his Blood upon the Earth for Humanity therefore The Lambs Book of Life is about the Life of Humanity is why God makes that statement and to make that statement true the Lambs of Life is nearly 600 miles wide (East to West) and nearly 300 miles high (South to North) so no Man can possess it nor can any Man destroy it. The Lambs Book of Life was meant for these times and to prove that the only way anyone can see the Lambs Book of Life is by Satellite and with the Aid of Computers and a Program known as Google Earth you can see it and search it Far and Near to see all the Images on The Lambs Book of Life. 

Now to explain why I have the Job of Translating The Lambs Book of Life? In the course of what you might say testing the waters with the images I was seeing I would then share them with others to see if they could see the same thing I was seeing, some could, some could not and some seen other images. Yet God wanted The Lambs Book of Life Translated and illustrated so every Man, Woman and Child could understand it that started a new journey for me to find away so there would be no mistakes in what God wanted the World to see. In finding the solution to the problem I would take every Image and Copy it to save it and to use a simple program on the computer known as Paint there I could blow up the Image four hundred times its size and then I could see only a portion of the Image but I could clearly see the outline of the Image where then I could trace it out like fallowing a road on a road map, once I was done I then would reduce the Image back to its normal size and there it was and now everyone sees it as I see it and as God wants you to see it. The illustration is only part of the Translation being I can see it all Far and Near and be able to put it in its proper perception as to how it fits on the Lambs Book of Life and with the Knowledge of the Trials and Tribulations in my life and the Current events and past events along with the understanding of God’s Word the Bible with the Aid of the Numeric Code and The Hidden Message which both are foretold in the Bible I am given the honor and privilege to Translate it and present it to the World. 

There are other secrets to the Lambs Book of Life you need to know if you elect to see the Images for yourself using Google Earth. First you have to understand that time its self waits on no Man and always evolving as the Earth turns thus creating Night and Day. So The Lambs Book of Life is almost like watching a motion picture show which does bring it to Life by fading Images In or fading them out. To understand how it all works first you have to use the Time Line on Google Earth which allows you to go forward or backwards depending where you are at on the Time Line and how Close you are to the Earth this will fade images in or out. Another way is to do it yourself by Copying the Image and pasting it in a Photo Program and changing only the Contrast of the Image from Dark to Light or Light to Dark only to enhance the Image and not Change the Image itself. To alter and Image on The Lambs Book of Life is to alter the outcome of it’s True Meaning and God clearly States Who shall ever change what is written upon or within this Book to alter the Outcome shall be cast into the Lake of Fire. This is another reason why he gave The Lambs Book of Life to a wayward babe with Angelic Standards so it would be exactly the way God wanted it presented to the People. This is why all my work on The Lambs Book of Life is only to enhance so you can see it without altering it as God granted me to do and no more than that.  

Do not confuse The Book of Life with the Lambs Book of Life for they are the Same but Different. The Lambs Book of Life was Written by God only for his Son and The Book of Life is a Book written by Man Both meant for the End Times. 

The Key

Read this Book as an Entirety as a Whole and the Truth shall be Told. 

From God Almighty Through the good Graces of his Son to the Messenger from which it Comes to the World for all to See the time is near Jesus Christ is Coming Back to Claim The Lambs Book of Life and Cleanse his Kingman Ridding it of all Evil. So his Fathers Creation and the Master Plan created by God all is Good can start over without the Evil upon the Earth.