The Angel & The Guardian

Watching for the Wayward Babe From the Heavens Above


The Angel and The Guardian is a reflection from the Heavens above, evidence of that is the Backwards N between the Angel and the Guardian who are present for two main reasons, One being that of watching over the Lambs Book of Life to Guard and Protect it from the Heavens Above. The second Reason they are there is to see for whom God would entrust the Lambs Book of Life to and to discover yet the other Wayward Babe for whom God would give unto him the Numeric Code. When God first lead me to the Lambs Book of Life it actually started back in the 1980’s when a large group of Treasure Hunters were headed to New Mexico to investigate a new site that was discovered in hopes to find a large Treasure in the Bottom of a Cave leading downward into the Earth. At the time I meet them I was the owner of an Auto/Diesel Repair Shop in Southeastern Utah, after they left and I was alone working in the Shop when God then Spoke loud and clear “The Treasure They Seek Lies In The Y of The Virgin” only to discover the Location of the Y in the Virgin nearly Thirty Years later after Searching on Google Earth. The Y of the Virgin is the Virgin Mountains in Southern Nevada that forms a Y the Jaws of the Serpent with the Crown of Gold upon its Head when you zoom in on the center of the Y the Jaws of the Serpent you will find a Warrior standing there with his Shield resting on the Ground and in the other hand a Club pointing to the Ground. A single Warrior who stood in the Jaws of Tyranny for whom the people he lead to Sanctuary in Honor of the Lord God Almighty.

Peter 2:13 – 17 States that to submit to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake is a good thing, Whether to the King (President) or Governors (Civil Authorities) as unto those who are sent by God to put Lawlessness down by the punishment of Evildoers and to give praise to those that do well. For so is the will of God, that with the well doing you may put to silence the ignorance of Foolish Men. (Ps. 14:1) As Free Men and not using your Liberty as a Clock to hide Maliciousness Behind, but as Servants of God. 

This was the starting point of a new life for me The Wayward Babe for whom God was testing to see if I would accept either the Greatest Treasure known to Mankind created by Mankind or accept the Greatest Treasure of them All the Lambs Book of Life. When I considered the Facts as to the Treasure of Gold, Silver, Jewels, Gems and Artifacts of all Kinds and to whom it actually belong to or would the World Argue and Fight over it. I then chose to go the other way and to search for the Truth as to Who Created the Warrior and the Serpent only to discover even more only to realize I had found The Lambs Book of Life. Once I came to the Conclusion it was the Lambs Book of Life in 2012 is when God gave unto me the Numeric Code and that’s when the Angel and Guardian Left in Search for Yet another Wayward Babe for which God would give the Second Half of the Numeric Code to. When they left God did Fool them once again and Gave unto me the Second Half of the Numeric Code for even in the Heavens there are those whom wish to overcome God and his Kingdom for the Glory of being the Higher Power in the Heavens Above.      

The Location

The very location of the Angel & the Guardian is located where the Backward N still exists just on the edge of Los Vegas Nevada and the Lake your looking at is Lake Mead and at the head of the Lake is where the Colorado River meets the Virgin River that runs Past the Virgin Mountains in Nevada all for which is Located in the Southwest Desert of the United States