The Serpent from Ancient Mythology

The Serpent with the Crown of Gold


The Serpent with the Golden Crown upon his Head, Came to light during the Times of Ancient Mythology a time when God had seen that Mankind could not exist without Ruling and Guidance, The very time for which God Sent the Gods to the Earth to Rule Over and to Teach Gods Plan So Humanity could advance, for time seemed to stand still for Mankind while the others were progressing as to Gods Plan. (The Meek and The Four Hundred and Forty Four Thousand) who was overrunning Mankind for whom he had given Dominion Over the Earth and all that was upon it to do the same as to Managing, Guide and Teach the Meek and the Four Hundred and Forty Four Thousand. When God sent the Gods to the Earth the serpent came with them for means of Punishment and to destroy all that that was not Good. The Evil ways and Practices of Humanity but yet not harm a Human for in the Heavens Above the Humans are known as Babes for all Humans are Babes in comparison to those in the Heavens Above. That making it so the Serpents Job was to destroy any creation for which Mankind had Created that that was not in accordance to Gods Plan (All is Good) 

The Serpent came with the Gods of Atlantes for Atlantes was the Home of the Gods on an Island that floated slightly above the Earth surface. The Gods, The City of Atlantes and the Serpent with the Golden Crown upon his Head were not allowed to be present upon the Earth’s Surface and No Human was allowed to enter the City of Atlantes, Atlantes had descended from the Heavens above, Thus making it a part of the Heavens, Gods Kingdom. Atlantes had settled in a location where all the Magnetic Lines that circle the Earth all Met in one Location for multiple purposes and means to monitor the happening around the Earth. The Serpent was only one means for which the Gods used to Control and to Guide and Teach Mankind to advance and live Gods Plan. The Serpent was entrusted to Zeus the Head/Leader of the Gods the Serpent was Zeus’s favorite pet for which he used for Discipline or Reward the Governing Power over the Human Babes. For the Serpent has the ability to alter the Weather/Climate either by Heat or by Wind Thus Creating Feast or Famine upon those who persist on the path of ignorance and Disobedient to the Laws and to the Teachings of the Gods. 

It was only after the Gods of Atlantes broke Gods Laws and Toke Human Women for their Brides Thus Creating Halflings Half God and Half Human thus creating Havoc amongst the Gods in Atlantes as well as the Humans on the Earth. For the Gods now became ignorant and disobedient to Gods Laws who was supposed to be setting the Example for the Human Babes. 

Zeus then turned the Serpent upon the Humans for the Humans were seeking Revenge upon the Gods for the Gods taking their Women for their Brides. Zeus had two children that were Twins one Boy and one Girl, Apollo and Athena and when the two Halflings were born Zeus gave unto them the Gifts of Power for the Halflings were powerless upon the Earth for only half of them were allowed upon the Earth Thus leaving the other Half that of the Power of a God behind when they entered the surface of the Earth. So all Halflings needed the Gifts from their Fathers in order to have Power over the Human Babes upon the Earth and to breed fear of the Gods within them to subdue them into Bowing before the Gods of Atlantes For God Clearly Stated in the Heavens Above and Upon the Earth That No Man shall Bow/Worship no other God whether it be upon the Earth or in the Heavens Above. 

The Very Gifts Zeus gave unto Apollo and Athena were The Golden Bow with Silver Arrows to Apollo and the Silver Bow and Golden Arrows went to Athena For Zeus’s full intention was to keep the two Twins United for if they Separated they would lose the Power of the Gifts The Bows and Arrows. When Apollo had seen the Despicable unjust Destructive Abusive Means for which his Father was using the Power of the Serpent to the point it was Severing lives of the Human Babes Apollo then sought out the means for which to Defeat the Serpent at such time is when he Discovered the True Power of the Gifts for which his Father gave unto him and Athena. While Athena was a Sleep Apollo snuck in during the Night and switched the Arrows so now he would have the full Power of the Golden Bow and the Golden Arrows leaving Athena with the Power of the Silver Bow and the Silver Arrows. Once Apollo had the Power of the Golden Bow and the Golden Arrows he sought out the Serpent to sever its Life to Defend the Human Babes. For Apollo knew the Serpent being that similar to a God and Could Not set upon the Earth and Could only travel about the Earth through Flight Once Apollo found the Serpent with a single Golden Arrow he brought the Serpent to the Earth once the Serpent hit the Earth it Turned to Stone thus Binding the Serpent in the surface of the Earth. And every Ten Thousand Years the Serpent Head shall appear from the Surface of the Earth and Those who Ride in the Crown of the Serpent Shall be The Last who had the Right to Judge upon the Earth in the Name of God. The Serpent Head has Now Risen from the Surface of the Earth and in the Golden Crown upon its Head you can see the Images of Boats and around the Crown of the Serpent you see the Waves of the Earth that Represents the Ocean/Seas for which they came. Those that had the Last Rights to Judge Upon the Earth that Rides in the Crown are those of the Spanish Conquistadors who sailed to the Western Shores of the Western Continent to do Gods Work to Destroy the Evil that was Raising in the West of Idol Worshiping, Human Sacrifices of Women and Children giving Life unto their Idols. God States; Thou Shall Not Worship any Idols nor shall you Worship no other God. 

Do not Confuse the Head of this Serpent who Guards the Missing Corner Peace of the Lambs Book of Life with any other Serpent for which has Risen to Power. 

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