The Shield of the Anti-Christ

Shield of the Anti-Christ


Truth; Then the voice that I had heard from heaven spoke to me again, saying, “Go, take the small scroll that lies open in the hand of the angel standing on the sea and on the land. So I took the small scroll from the angel’s hand and ate it; and it was sweet as honey in my mouth, but when I had eaten it, my stomach turned bitter. The sweet as honey in my mouth was knowing the Truth as to Gods Plan. The turning of my stomach when it turned bitter is when I compared it to the Reality of the Acts/Works of Humanity in these present times.  

A passage which, in much, is the foundation of the one before us) lift up both hands and swears that there shall be a fixed period for the accomplishment of the scattering of the power of the holy people. The oath in the passage under consideration is to the effect (not that time should cease and eternity begin, but) that there shall be no longer any delay. The suffering saints had cried, “How long?” and they had been bidden to wait a little time. Now the close of all such waiting time is announced: when the seventh trumpet shall have blown the mystery of God will be finished. “‘The mystery of God’ does not mean something which cannot be understood or explained. It is never applied to such matters, for example, as the origin of evil, or the doctrine of the Trinity in Unity. It does mean a secret; but then a secret may be told, and when told is no mystery. The mystery, or secret, of God means, therefore, the whole of His plan and of His counsel concerning this earth in its present state of discipline and of imperfection; all that God means to do upon it and towards it, even till that which we read of as the time of the end.

Through the good Graces of Jesus Christ to his Father / God Almighty and from the good Graces of his Father / God Almighty through his Son / Jesus Christ to the Messenger I now bring Forth how the Numeric Code (An Instrument of God) brings Forth the Shield of the Anti-Christ. I do so in Hopes and Prayers that Humanity will Change.

When you unite the Power of the Three, The Eighth Head that has Risen from the inland bound Sea, The Seven Heads and the Beast of the Earth, View it as an Entirely and as a Whole and the Truth Shall be Told. 

Currently in these times the Angel that stands on Sea and Land for a short period of time has been ordered to stand down, halt, delay, put off or wait for a short time to allow the People to Scatter, Change or Turn Back to the Plan for which God had created for Humanity and the Earth both are Gods Creations that were Good.  

As you study and understand the true meaning of what your about to see understand this as to Gods intention is to allow those time to scatter, turn around and wipe your feet and walk away or simply turn the other cheek and walk away. For God knows as well as his Son Jesus Christ there is good and bad in all religions and portions of all walks of life of humanity. To protect your God given rights, the very right to choose to follow good or evil / bad or good Acts or Works the very dividing factor as to who you are. With one word of Caution don’t be that of a Doubting Thomas who rides the fence the dividing line in Doubt as to shall be the Victor in this Holly Battle between God and Satan, Christ between Lucifer (The Evil Acts/Works of Men). For when Jesus Christ Comes all Doubting Thomas’s shall be the First to go into the Abyss without Judgement, for your own Acts/Works has proven exactly who you are.. 

But during the progress of the war the issue will often appear doubtful: nay, even the triumph may seem to be in the hand of the enemy; but faith disregards the back-flowing waves, for the many knows the tide is coming in. We have seen that the advance of Christianity is marked by the manifestation of evils as well as the establishment of good. Christianity does not create evils, but the very intense honesty of its principles (Corporate Enterprises) reveals the hidden force of unsuspected corruption. Thus the faith of Christ is come to give light unto the world, but in her progress many lights fall to the false lights of world-power, world-wisdom, false Religionism, and heresies. The enemy, too, is at work, and seeks to obscure the light of Christianity by the diffusion of dark and low-born thoughts. The smoke of the pit blackens the light and confuses the atmosphere (Pollution). Now, this obscuration is surely the diffusion on earth of evil thoughts and ideas, the spirit of falsehood and hate, hostility to truth, and enmity against God and man. The bright, clear air made gladsome by the sun is darkened (AKA Pollution); all forms that once appeared beautiful become hideous. 

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As you read through and note the Power of the Instrument / Tool known as the Numeric Code. An Instrument created by God for which brings forth the Truth as to where you stand with Jesus Christ and God Almighty, Both personally and as a Body in whole as to the Organizations for which you participate in either directly or indirectly involved. 


Using the Power of the Numeric Code

Step 1; To Create The Shield of The Anti-Christ


The Numeric Code is a basic simple set of numbers (123456789987654321). When you divide the sequence of numbers in half and stand them up from left to right you form two columns/pillars, when united (+) you give the power to the one (=) 10. To view in an entirety as a whole so the truth can be told, the 1 becomes the Unity and the 0 becomes the entirety the whole for which you can see the Truth being told. (Basic Mathematics) 

Before I go any further let me make it clear that this is only one of the keys to the Numeric Code and can no way be confused with the second key to the Numeric Code. For which I have both Keys that are similar yet totally different. (Like the opposite ends of Magnet) 

Now what we are going to do is Unite the Power of the Three by creating the Third Column / Pillar by Dividing the Entirety as a Whole (10) by the United (The two Columns / Pillars) the Act that Equals (Creates) the Works (5). In other terms it’s like taking a 50/50 Ratio of Genes out of the Gene Pool of two Parents (the Act) that creates the Child (the Works). But it is not the same for in this example for we are seeking a Pacific Object (The Shield of the Anti-Christ) and not the Child (The Anti-Christ). 

Now we draw a line underneath the total equations so we can add them up from top to bottom to bring forth the Answers we are look for. 

The 90/10 (Rule) is the creation / Acts of Man to create the Works of Men and is the total Opposite of Gods (Plan) the 10/90 Plan. When you go back to the section/page for the Numeric Code you will note above the left Column there is a + symbol and above the right Column there is a – symbol. In accordance to Gods Plan everything flows Counterclockwise. To create the Counterclockwise flow, the left Column + (the 1 Man) seeks the right Column – (God 9) and God gives unto Man (100%) All is Good. On the bottom of the two Columns you find it’s the Opposite, the left Column becomes the – (Man 9) and the right column at the bottom becomes the + (God 1) and the Positive always seeks the Negative and the Negative always gives unto the Positive. In the beginning of time God gave 100% Dominion over the Earth and all that is upon it and the Seas and all with in it. When God asked Cain and Able to bring forth their Gifts he only was asking for a Portion of their Acts that created their Works, Thy Gifts (10%) thus creating the 10% of the 10%/ 90% plan, leaving the 90% for Humanity to Grow and Prosper from. (Go forth to the four corners of the Earth and Multiply)

The 90/10 (Rule) was introduced by the 40th President Ronald Reagan known as Reaganomics the Trickle Down Effect where the Money stays on the Top and Trickles down to the Bottom. Government, Business, Organizations etc. 90% Acts that produces Works (Profits) giving back 10% Acts that produces Works (Low Wages, No Medical, No Retirement etc. (creating slaves bound in Financial Slavery, the Poor, the Homeless etc.) Ronald Reagan was also in power when they closed down the Mental Institutions dumping the Mentally ill on the Streets to fend for themselves, Thus Creating the Homeless.(AKA Lucifer (The Evil Acts of Men).

The number 18 is the year 2018 where the powers from the four corners of the Earth started taking a Double take / look at the Man that Rose to Power and the Government for which he leads and their Plan to Regulate the World under his Control though Finances, Political Control and by Force of Military Might if need be with the intent to Police the World. “If you don’t pay us, we cannot protect you” aka the words from a Mafia Leader demanding Protection Monies. 

The year 2018 derives from the uniting of the 2 viewed by the entirety of the whole, the 0 + the 18 that = 2018. 

The number 45 is the Forty Fifth President of the United States of America that plays a vital role in this equation of revealing the Shield of the Anti-Christ where you will see later as this demonstration moves forward. 

Donald Trump the Forty Fifth President by his own Acts / Works has clearly proven who his is as the Beast of the Earth when they brought forth his little idol the Trumpy Bear. 

As for told in the Bible (Gods Word) The Beast of the Earth shall be a Man that Rises to Great Power who shall bring Forth his little idol, that of a Bear, the Grizzle that brings forth the Storm. And by the Power of the Eighth Head shall being the idol to life. The Eighth Head did bring the little idol to life though Promotions and Advertising Ads. 


One; I did not put Donald Trump into Office. Two; I did not create the Trumpy Bear. Three; I did not write the Bible. All this was brought unto me by God Almighty through his Son Jesus Christ to the Messenger that is nothing more than a Common Postal Worker delivering Gods message to the World.      


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Using the Power of the Numeric Code

Step 2; To Create The Shield of The Anti-Christ


Part 2; As we start part 2 you’re going to want to pay close attention to the Numbers and the Number of Columns that are being created and the basic formula used to create the end results.

This is only part 2 of 6 parts, it’s going to take before we obtain the end results (The Shield of the Anti-Christ) the object we are seeking and the Truth behind who Created it and Why and how it includes the Beast of the Earth, the Year and the Number 45 to make it all become a True Reality meant to open the Eyes of the Magnitude. It will also explain why God will allow the 45th President Donald Trump to remain in Power for a Short Time, for how long is that short time, no one knows except for God Almighty and his Son Jesus Christ. For God at this time is utilizing the Beast of the Earth as a Means of Evil to Expose Evil like using a Thief to Expose a Gang of Thieves, AKA turning their own Kind on them to work in Gods Favor. 

This part is basically simple, keeping in mind that God made it simple and its only mankind that made it Complicated. What we are going to do here is introduce the Power of the three, by Uniting the three and giving the Power to the One to View it in an Entirety as a Whole so the Truth can be Told. The Three we are going to Unite is the Three Pillars / Columns according to the Numbers. Illustrated in the next step.     


Using the Power of the Numeric Code

Step 3; To Create The Shield of The Anti-Christ


Part 3; In this part I had to make a few adjustments that are not part of the Equation and they are only there to assist you so you can better understand what is actually taking place here. The changes I made was in the Third Pillar / Column, they are the gaps between the numbers on the inter sides of the outer Pillars / Columns. The other you can note is the Yellow Circle around the Center number Five. 

Here in this Illustration what you’re doing is Uniting the Three and Giving the Power to the One to View in a Entirety as a Whole so the Truth can be Told / Seen. 

The Third Pillar / Column that was Created in Part 2 was all made up of the Number 5 and so you could Unite them you have to Lay it on its side. Then you Slide it into the Two Pillars / Columns as if it was a Key to unlock the Tumblers of a Lock until you have Equal numbers on both sides. 

The Yellow Circle in the middle is exactly what we just unlocked. That Center number 5 just replaced the + Symbol that was between the Two Pillars / Columns and it Illustrates that Center Point now becomes a Pivot Point.  

That Third Pillar / Column now just became a Beam like a Teeter Totter in a playground for Children to play on or the Balancing Bean once used on Scales of Weights and Measures. 

The number 5 Represents / Symbolizes Equality and Combined with the other Two Pillars / Columns it’s like comparing a glass of Water that is half full to the same glass of Water that is half empty, the same but different. The perfect Calm before the next Storm.        


Using the Power of the Numeric Code

Step 4; To Create The Shield of The Anti-Christ



Step 4; In this part you can note how and now the number 45 the 45th President / The Beast of the Earth now comes into play to assist in creating the Shield of the Anti-Christ.

One note that needs to be mentioned at this time is that the Lambs Book of Life, the Last Book that God Almighty had written upon the Earth clearly states; there was only Two Political Leaders to make to the Front Cover of the Lambs Book of Life. The first was George Washington the founding father of the United States of America (USA)(United) and the other Political Leader was the first Black American Leader both in the same Position of Leadership (Still United). And what’s to follow his Leadership by the Acts / Works of the Beast of the Earth shall come Forth the Death of a Great Nation / The Death to a Great Way of Life.(Divided We Fall) All brought about by the Power of the number 45 that will Reveal / Expose the Shield of the Anti-Christ. 

Knowing it’s the Acts of Man that creates the Works; it’s the Evil Acts of Men (Lucifer) who Created the Works that brought forth the Shield of the Anti-Christ. First Created by the Eighth Head and Later adapted / adopted by the Seven Heads under the Agreement of, You build the Temples in the East and We will build the Temples in the West. Under the True Statement; We have a lot in Common. (Out with the Old in with the New) 

Now from Step 3 the Balance Beam was perfectly Horizontal / Flat, the Calm before the Storm. 

Note first the Two Pillars / Columns one on the Left and the other on the Right. (Left Democrats /Left Wing, Right Republicans Right Wing) On the Right the Beast of the Earth steps onto the Beam and tips it to the Number 4 Representing the 4 in the 45. The 5 had already been used in the Balance Beam. 

Now you take the Simple Formula of Reaction, For every Action there is a Reaction Equal to or Greater Than or Equal to or Less Than. The 5 in the Balance Beam Represents Equality so the part of the Formula we are looking for is, For every Action there is a Reaction Equal To. So the Equal Reaction now takes the Beam back in the Opposite direction and land on the Number 6, forming the Yellow X with the number 5 Equality in the Center. Uniting the Two of Equality (The Eighth Head Unites with the Seven Heads)(The Act that Creates the Works) By Creating the Upset (The Storm) that does start the Creation of the Shield of the Anti-Christ.  


Using the Power of the Numeric Code

Step 5; To Create The Shield of The Anti-Christ


Part 5; As we move forward one step at a time knowing this Particular Situation take Six Steps to Create the End results, the Acts that Creates the Works that brings Forth the Shield of the Anti-Christ. In this Illustration it shows the Uniting of the Two, the Uniting of the Power of the Three and Equality. 

In the Left Pillar / Column you have the Number 4 that runs Downward to the Number 4 in the Right Pillar / Column. The Number 4 Represents the Four Corners of the Earth. The Number 5 Represents Equality. The Number 1 at the Top of the Left Pillar / Column Represents Man. The Number 9 in the Top of the Right Pillar / Column Represents God. In the Beginning God told Man go Forth and Multiply to the 4 Corners of the Earth from which it all began. Now using Equality (For Every  Action there is a Reaction Equal To) God through Equality now from the 4 Corners of the Earth where it shall End. Now using Equality Man went First in the Beginning and now God Brings it all Back to the 4 Corners of the Earth where the Lambs Book of Life is Located and The Book of Life Written By Man to the Location it Shall End. 

The Number 6 in the Right Pillar / Column that runs Downward to the 6 in the Left Pillar / Column. The Number 6 Represents Satan / Evil. On the Top of the Right Pillar / Column the Number 9 Represents God / Satan. On the Top of the Left Pillar / Column the Number 1 Represent Man / Lucifer the Son of Satan / The Evil Acts of Men. 

Now you take the Balance Beam 5 Slide to the Top (For Every Reaction there is a Reaction Equal To) you also Slide the Balance Beam to the Bottom to Create Equality, Man and God United to God and Man United to Bring Forth the Power of the One.                 (The Shield of the Anti-Christ).  


Using the Power of the Numeric Code

Step 6; To Create The Shield of The Anti-Christ


Part 6; The Final Step that brings forth the Shield of the Anti-Christ yet in Reality in all thing to take in consideration it is actually the Crest on the Shield for the Shield are those who are Shielding the Anti-Christ, The Beast of the Earth, The Seven Headed Serpent, The Eighth Head / the Serpent that has Risen out of the Sea, The Mighty Beast with the Ten Horns upon its Head that was Raised to Power from out of the Abyss, Lucifer (The Evil Acts of Men) the Son of Satan. 

For now we are looking for an Object that Represents the Power of the Shield created by Lucifer (the Evil Acts of Men) that would be Equal to the Power of the Numeric Code created by God Almighty like that of the Staff of Moses Verses the Power of the Rod of Rameses, in this Situation. This Crest brings forth a Collective Power of the Three, Satan, his Son Lucifer and the Anti-Christ. To Fight against God, his Son Jesus Christ and his Followers that will stand by his Side to Reclaim his Kingdom and Bride Mother Earth Gods very Creation he entrusted in Man by giving Mankind Dominion Over to Guard, Defend, and Manage and not Rape, Pillage, Plunder for all it’s Worth and Turn it into a Dead Planet per Satan Wishes to all that was good and in the End to Obtain Total Revenge against God Almighty for Binding him beneath the Earth.   

In the Illustration above what needs to take place is the Uniting of Two giving the Power to the One Viewing it as an Entirety as a Whole so the Truth can be Told / Seen. To Unite the Two by Dropping the upper Triangle down into the Lower Triangle or Rising the Lower Triangle into the Upper Triangle either way the Results are Equal moves at this point because we are dealing with the God of the Underworld. When Uniting the Two (Act) it will create the Works that will be in the Image Below where I will explain more on it and a Simple Mathematical Equation that makes it come around Full Circle. Form the Beginning right back to the Beginning as to Representing how it’s Power Wraps Around the Earth.  


Using the Power of the Numeric Code

The Results of the 6 Acts that Created the Works


The End Results; This simple Object represents the Greatest Military Power ever Created to Unite the Collective Powers of Evil to Fight against God Almighty, his Son Jesus Christ and Christ True Followers (Christianity). All to be Led by the Anti-Christ. The 6 points on the outside Represents the 6 Directions for which the Power extends around the Earth. The 6 sided Geometric Shape in the Middle represents the Equal 6 Sides for Which they Defend the 6 in the Middle the Anti-Christ. The 6 Smaller Triangles represents the Power of the Anti-Christ extending around the World all Against the True Followers of Jesus Christ / Christianity. To Destroy not only the True Believers in God Almighty and his Son Jesus Christ but to Raise Satan to Power so the Anti-Christ Can Rule Over the Earth for A Thousand Years. 

Not to Confuse the Minds of the Many, but to Prove to The Scholars and Mathematicians a like that could not Break the Numeric Code, God made it Simple and Mankind made it Complicated.

“In geometry, an equilateral triangle is a triangle in which all three sides are equal. In the familiar Euclidean geometry, an equilateral triangle is also equiangular; that is, all three internal angles are also congruent to each other and are each 60°”. 

To Demonstrate the Power of the Number 6 in the Middle the Anti-Christ Radiating around the Earth, the simple way to Illustrate it is, For every Dollar you Sow you Shall Reap Ten Foe and every Sixty Dollars you Sow you Shall Reap Ten Foe. 

Now to bring this Symbol / Crest of the Anti-Christ Around back to the Beginning of who made the Move to Trigger the Numeric Code (The Act) to Create the Crest of the Anti-Christ (Thy Works. 

As in Geometry, an Equilateral Triangle that all three internal angles are Congruent / Equal and the Total Degrees of the Equilateral Triangle Equals One Hundred Eighty Degrees. Now Multiply the 180 by 6 (180 x 6) that will Equal 1,080 (180 x6 =1,080) Then you Dived it by the Two 4s United (4+4 =8) The United Two 4 Symbolizes, from the 4 Corners of the Earth for which it began, Back to the 4 Corners of the Earth for which is shall return / End. The 8 Symbolizes Eternity. (1,080 / 8 = 135) Now you Dived 135 by 3 the Power of the Three United Satan, Lucifer and the Anti-Christ. (135 / 3 = 45) The 45thPresident, The Beast of the Earth who stepped on the Balance Beam of the Numeric Code (the Act) the Created the Works to Reveal the Crest of the Shield of the Anti-Christ. From the Beginning for which it Began the 45 Back to the Beginning of the 45. 

God Clearly States; All Battles must be Fought Without Wars or Conflicts and Yet Satan, Lucifer and the Anti-Christ all State Wars are Healthy, the Spoils Shall go to the Victor and they Firmly Believe that all Shall Bow / Conform to their Ways. When God States; Bow before No Man. Who Seeks to Bring Down all Other Religions?? And What Religions are Present on the Front Cover of the Lambs Book of Life? For all those Religions / People who Come, they Come because of the Lambs Book of Life is here and are Standing in Waiting for True Justice by Jesus Christ and God Almighty the Alfa the Omega, the Beginning and the End. For they Know and Now For Warns all those who have Bow before the Beast of the Earth (A Man) and Accepted his Little Idol that of a Bear and Conforms / Accepts His Way is to Accept the Mark of The Beast the 666 / Satan, Lucifer / the Evil Acts of Men and The Anti-Christ. 

Follow Gods instructions; Turn Around and Wipe Your Feet and Walk Away; As Jesus Christ Reiterated in what his Father stated by Stating Turn the Other Cheek and Walk Away. For all Battles Must Be Fought Without Wars and Conflicts. God now Gives the most Powerful Word in the World To Use, Moderation, Do all this in Moderation, Buy only What you Need and Not What you Desire, Seek only What you Need and Not What you Desire, Eat and Drink only What you Need and Not What you Desire, Plan only for What you Need and Not What you Desire. Only Fill What you Need, Walk and Only use Transportation when in Need. These are only a few examples of the Most Power Word you can Apply in These Troubled Times. Bring the Past Forward and Right the Wrong then turn to God and his Son and Ask for Forgiveness and then by only the Good Graces of God and Jesus Christ may you go Forward either to God Kingdom or Jesus Christ Kingdom here on the Earth. 

For all those Leaders of the Churches for Whomever in Doubt of these Words, Stop and Ask Why God Did Not give Unto You the Location of the Lambs Book of Life and the Means for which to See it and Translate it, and The Numeric Code that is Written in the Bible, Not One but Both Keys to it and the Hidden Message that is Written Amongst the Words, Chapters and Verses of the Bible Gods True Words? Have you Betrayed the Trust of God Almighty and his Son Jesus Christ? That’s a Matter you need To Seek the Answers from Within. 

From the Good Graces of God Almighty, Through the Good Graces of his Son Jesus Christ To Gods Messenger Through the Power of the Numeric Code I bring Forth this Message To all the True Follower of God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ around the World. Amen         


The Uniting of the Two

Father to Son / Son to Father


  • To see is to not to see for one who does not see sees all yet all cannot see how can this be for one cannot see yet sees all that all cannot see. if all cannot see how can that be? Does not the blind lead the blind for one who is blind see all yet and all cannot see for which one sees 


Could it be you are the 1 that sees all that all cannot see (True) 

Could it be I am the 1 that sees all that all cannot see (True 

Could it be 1 from the north and 1 from the south who sees all that all cannot see (True) Is not 1=1 the same or (1-)+ (1+) is different then the other = same. 

Could it be opposites attract one another (1-)+(1+) =2+or 2- same but different 

that forms the pattern (1+-) (2 same) (1-+) same but different. Same but different =2 who must create same but different = (1+) =(1-) =2 (1-) =(1+) =2 (1+) =(1-) =2 (1-) =(1+) =2 forms pattern when united (+121-) =(-121+) same but different. 

Now apply the Numeric Code that one sees that all cannot see. 

Could it not be these words are True for the Ones who Sees All that All cannot See. 

Act 17:24 in the bible. So God hides bible truths from the angels and the demons, who are far wiser and far more intellectual than us, and reveals them to babes by angelic standards. All humans are babes by angelic standards. So the bible has to be sufficiently hard to decode and sufficiently ambiguous that even the angels cannot crack it. Then God can choose to give an insight to a baby human, and this lowly man, will than crack a part of the code first. The angels, on seeing this, will hit their spirit foreheads with their spirit hands and go doh! They then will race ahead of us humans using their superior intelligence and linguistic dexterity, only to get stuck at the next angelic road block until God chooses to reveal the next key to another lowly human.

The two shall seek one another for the greater outcome.