The Blood Stone

Cains Kingdom


The Blood Stone that you’re looking at is a very unique Stone which is a once in a life time find. 

This Stone a lone demonstrates / illustrates the Past, Present and the Future by the Acts/Works that’s taking place to the images on the Blood Stone. It’s also reveals part of the mystery behind the Hidden Message in the Bible from the beginning of the times Adam and Eve during the time when God asked Cain and Able to bring forth their Gifts unto him. This event that took place was a more or less a competition between the two Sons to see who had done the best the finest that they could do and who would bring forth the finest they had a gift worthy for a God. This was only a learning/teaching for them they had to producing the finest in order to add to Gods Creation the Earth. This bring in the Statement of Adam was created in Gods image same but different. Gods is an entity and Adam was created from the Earth a mass. Gods states his creation as all is good the Earth and all upon it, and that included Man. So he knew he had to teach because Man is babes compared to God and God as being the Father teaches his Children. This very test was to see if they were learning the teaching that God taught Adam that brings about the statement God gave Man dominion over his creation to further on his work. 

The Earth and all that was upon it in hopes Man would continue to create all that was Good. 

The Blood stone illustrates what happened to Cain after Cain killed Able. The darkness of the stone represents Darkness and the Red represents Ables’ blood that was shed upon the Earth for God marked the Earth of that of Ables’ Blood. The Lion is a two legged Beast for which God marked Cain so nothing would kill him, King of the Beast of the Animal Kingdom because that was all that was out there other than Adam and Eve and now Cain himself. Because Able was the tender of the Flocks (the Animals) who watched over them and had taken good care of them to produce the finest, Cain was afraid they would kill him in revenge for his Acts/Works he had done. When God Marked the Earth so everything Cain tried to Grow would be Foul and now marked Cain as a two legged Lion that could not run fast enough to catch Creatures upon the Earth, Cain had to resort to the Vermin beneath the Surface for food that now became his Flock. The Blood Stone shows Cain as the Guardian of his Kingdom who Rules with Thy Rod and not Thy Staff. The Facts are now known that Cain is the Guardian of the Under World. When you look at all this you will see it has established three things that are written throughout the Bible. One it establishes the differences between Thy Staff and Thy Rod, two it establishes how Cain was marked, three it reveals Cain’s Kingdom. 

Also in the Blood Stone you will note the head figure of a Man behind Cain which you will learn who he represents in another Chapter of this book because he is in the missing corner piece of the Book of Life written by Man. 

Once you start understanding more and more of what I am writing you will learn that everything in the Bible, The Numeric Code and the Lambs Book of Life are all Symbolic and they all represents the Past, Present and the Future. 

For the Acts/Works and Words of Jesus Christ tells you that, for throughout Jesus Christ time on the Earth all he mainly did was to Reiterate his Fathers Laws with a modern update illustrating that his Fathers Laws were Black and White and all Jesus Christ did when he brought forth Forgiveness is to product the Gray matter between Black and White and to Forgive and Forget for everyone needs another Chance to prove themselves to God even if they Broke one of Gods Laws. 

Now let’s explain why the Moles and the Rats were established as Cain’s Loyal Subjects of his Kingdom. God knew Cain needed to survive so he could use him as a Reminder to all that looked upon him what would happen if you take a life. (Thou Shall Not Kill) 

The Moles dig the tunnels to infiltrate what they are after building tunnels/passage ways for the Rats to move in and collect the harvest the fruits of the land and carry them back through the tunnels to offer them unto their King so the King would not Devoir them thus creating his Kingdom all Ruled out of Fear, The King of the Under World. The Lion Head is represented in the End times as one of the Beasts that Guards the Eighth Head Serpent that has Risen out of the Abyss to Power. For Cain is the King and Guardian of the Under World, The Crown on the head of that Serpent the Ten Horns is all that the Serpent Controls.

When you understand these things are all symbolic because they only represents the Acts/Works of Mankind for which God will Judge them by you will soon be able to look around you and see who practices these types of Acts/Works for they need to change their ways which they cannot, so you need to fallow God words; Turn around and Wipe your Feet and walk away. Jesus Christ Stated it as; Turn the other Cheek and walk away and then turn to Jesus Christ to God Almighty for a better way/path to fallow. For Jesus Christ stated; the only way to his Father Kingdom was through Him. Do not live in Fear any longer For God States; The only thing you Fear is Fear itself Just walk away. 

The Antichrist in the Blood Stone

The Face you see on the Blood Stone behind Cain the King that Guards the Underworld his Kingdom the Vermin that lives beneath the Surface. I the Antichrist who uses the Tactics of the Mole to tunnel/Work their Way into Businesses, Corporations and Organizations Once in they only hire their own Kind like the Rats who carry off the Profits Thus Devaluing that of others for a Hostel Takeover at a Price lower than Fair Market.