The Northwest Corner of the Lambs Book of Life

Where the End is Happening


The Northwest Corner of the Lambs Book of Life is where most of the activity is happening illustrating the End Times where you will see Mother Earth, Lucifer (The Evil Acts of Men) the Son of Satan, Satan, Jesus Christ’s Followers, Jesus Christ/The Backside of God, The Serpent of Ancient Mythology with the Crown upon it Head, A Spanish Priest, A Native American Indian and An Indian from India. There are several other Images that Represents other parts of the World that are all coming for that final Judgement Day and it’s the Lambs Book of Life that drawing them in all from the Past and Present to see the outcome leading to the Future. 

Mother Earth; When you locate Mother Earth you will also see she is encapsulated in the Earth granting her the Title of Mother Earth who is by her Acts turning her head away from Lucifer (the evil acts of men) Satan’s Son and on Satan himself for she had been deceived by deception by Lucifer to do the biding of his Father Satan by the Works she Created and now is present to Witness the Punishment of her Children/Humanity by their Acts/Works for which they had done by the illusions and trickery of Lucifer (The Evil Acts of Men) all in the False illusions of Fame, Fortune and Glory of being number one in the World leading the Industrial Age to bring Prosperity, Education and a Better Living for her people only to Learn the results of Polluting and Creating Genetic Altered Food sources utilizing massive quantities of Herbicides and Pesticides due to the Tropical Climate that washes the Chemicals from the Plants to the Earth Thus Polluting the Earth and Water. Massive Industrialization and Commercialization creates Haste (Thy Acts) creates Waste (Thy Works) of Massive Growth and Massive Pollution to Land, Air and Water that does Revolve around the Earth. Whenever there is Massive Growth it also breeds Mass Confusion, Crime, Corruption, Diseases and Pestilence all brought about by lack of foresight by false illusions that puts a False Cloud between Sound Judgement and Error (Thy Acts and Thy Works) that brings the Results of Mass Destruction of Mankind, Satan’s wish to gain Vengeance on God for imprisoning him beneath the Earth. As the Spoils goes to the Victor Thy Son of Satan Lucifer the Evil Acts of Men that empowers the Seven Heads of the Serpent the Controlling Factor of it all, that shall Rene over the Earth for a Thousand Years. 

Lucifer; stands between Mother Earth and Satan with eyes glaring at you as you look upon him from Google Earth in the attempt to delusion you, intimidate you as being an almighty power of ruling over the event of what’s taking place in his presents and in the presents of his Father Satan like a Peacock strutting showing off his glamor and Glory before all of Mankind, Jesus Christ and His Followers as to his Victory over Humanity in Honor of his Father. 

In the Bible, Gods Word, All Is Good it clearly states that in the End Times that Lucifer would be Named and throughout time after the Creation of the Bible, Humanity has always attempted to find who would be the Anti-Christ labeling him only by a name and not an Entity by its own Acts/Works as a Collective Whole as a Massive Congregation of United Forces of Men and Women of Organizations scattered throughout the World who’s only intent is to overthrow the entire Human Race empowering them under their Control for the greater purpose of Thy Father Satan. As an Entirety as a Whole when you view it all for what it is only by their Acts/Works you can clearly see the Name behind Lucifer (The Evil Acts of Men) Thy Acts-Men Thy Works-Crime, Corruption, Diseases and Pestilence for the Glory of Power over the Earth (Mother Earth) and her Children by Deception with an illusion of the Better Way for which to live. 

Satan; is the image next to his Son Lucifer who is dressed for winter with a hood with a fur trim and lining covering up his head, horns and nearly his entire face. He’s wearing a heavy Cloak around him with heavy wool/fur Clothing illustrating him from the Cold on the Surface for he’s from the eternal Abyss of the Eternal fires of Hell. You will also note that Satan is focusing/Lusting at Mother Earth and not the Event that taking place between Jesus Christ and the Warrior. Satan is Lusting for what he wishes to become his Bride when he gains full Rene over the Earth thus steeling the Bride of Jesus Christ, Christ’s Kingdom.

Satan was defeated by God in the Heavens and was imprisoned beneath the Surface of the Earth who always sought Revenge on God. Satan Son Lucifer is sometimes been confused as being the same as Satan miss understanding that Lucifer was a Fallen Angel casted out of the Heavens for following his Fathers Practices in the Heavens Above for his Father was his Teacher (Thy Acts and Thy Works) of Evil. Both Satan and his Son Lucifer have the ability to deceive and lead by deception and the ability to Pit one against the other as they have accomplished illustrated by Jesus Christ Punishing the Warrior/Mankind who was deceived Lucifer by the illusions of Fame, Fortune, Glory and High Social Standing/Rating producing Greed and Lusting after the Almighty Wealth that brings with it the False illusion Wealth is Power and Security from Prosecution of the Laws for which they Rule over the People with like that of a Dictatorship where one rules over all. Satan and his Son represent Thy Acts producing Thy Works That produces Thy Outcome The Antichrist who are all those who Sin over and over again playing on the Fact that Jesus Christ Died for our Sins so they continue to Sin to the point they feel it’s only Natural to do so. Sin is the cause of separation between God and mankind. When sin is put off, we are unified with God. The spirit of the Antichrist allows the sins that separate us from God to live by covering them with tolerance, “love”, and freedom. God’s word clearly states what is right and wrong, what is sinful and what is pure. But when enough people live in sin, for instance adultery, it is no longer considered sin. God’s laws are rejected, and the laws of society, and eventually even the laws of the nations, change to accommodate this adjusted view of what is right and wrong. So impurity and sin are allowed to live, and mankind grows farther and farther away from God – which is exactly Satan’s intention. The majority of the world has given over to this spirit, because it allows them to live comfortably, without a guilty conscience. This has been done under the covering of Religion and forgiveness of sin without ceasing from sin, in the past. However, in the times we live in now, humanism is more and more taking over the role that Religion used to play. Mankind is more and more reliant on itself and being governed by itself, rather than being led by any higher power. Thus Creating The Antichrist. (Thy Outcome) 


The Serpent of Ancient Mythology; is the Serpent created from the Earth who has the ability to Scorch the Lands and move the Winds to move the Fire it breaths from its Mouth and the Tornadoes it Snorts from its Nostrils to Cleanse the Earth with Fire and to send the fires across the Lands to the Four Corners of the Earth. From the Ancient Times to the Present to assist Jesus Christ in the Punishment of Mankind for their Acts/Works for which they Created. There is a lot more behind the Reasons as Why this Serpent is Present and Why it is Guarding the Missing Corner Peace of the Lambs Book of Life and Guarding the Backside of Jesus Christ/God (See The Serpent of Ancient Mythology for more Information) 

Jesus Christ’s Helpers; are the upcoming that knows all Battles must be fought without Wars or Conflicts until Jesus Christ Returns. They are now starting to show signs that they fully understand the one Word sent unto them a simple Word that combats all, and follows Gods instruction of Turn Around and Wipe your Feet and Walk Away, Jesus Christ stated it in a different way as Turn the Other Cheek and Walk Away. That simple Word God gave unto them was Moderation the most powerful Word you could ever practice in the World of today to combat the Evil that has spread around the Earth. Do everything in Moderation buy only what you need and not what you desire, Walk everywhere you can cutting back on the use of Fossil Fuels, Walking will increase your Health and cut back on the Amount you are spending on memberships of Workout Centers. Take care of what you have, Fix up don’t Tear up, Rebuild don’t Tear Down, Teach by Example as Well as Words (Practice what you preach), Share with Others for a True Friend in Need is a True Friend indeed, Give and Honest Day’s Work for an Honest Day’s Pay practicing Equality between Thy Acts and Thy Works to produce the Greater Outcome (All is Good) as God meant it to be. Learn to use the Power of the Pen for the Pen is Mightier than the Sword, Spread the news by Word of Mouth equals preservation of the Trees. There are so many examples out there that fit in your daily lives you can apply that Simple Word Moderation that can help turn all this Madness Around all you have to do is Apply it as those do who are now assisting Jesus Christ in the fight against the Evil that now Plagues the Earth. 

The Backside of God/Jesus Christ; Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me; or at least believe on the evidence of thy Acts/Works. God is the Almighty God who is an Entity and Jesus Christ is Half Man and Half God only so Humanity can look upon him for not even Moses could bear to look upon God for God appeared as a Burning Bush that was not on fire yet radiated out as if the burning bush was on Fire, demonstrating to Moses he was the Almighty God. This is exactly why Jesus Christ appears only showing the backside and the fact he has Long Black Hair and not that of long fair colored hair for he comes as both the Father and the Son with United Powers of the two for the greater outcome of the one viewed as an Entirety as a Whole and the Truth shall be Told. This is the very thing that is clearly pointed out in the Numeric Code and in the Hidden Message within the Bible Gods True Word. Part of the Hidden Message reveals this to all when God in a single Breath into the Nostrils of Adam thus bringing Adam to Life, so if God is an Entity and not that of a Man what was in that single Breath that brought Adam to life? Could it not be that single thing Humanity calls a Soul the very thing that Humanity can’t explain thus creating the greater Outcome of (All is Good). Could it also be the reason God States; Thou Shall not Kill, Man was made in God Image and now being part God and Part Man Thus making all of us Half Breeds or simply all is Related through God and Man not to be confused with the facts of some who believes we were created in Gods Image therefore we are Gods fore are not Gods for Gods States; Thou Shall not Worship any other God therefore if you think you can become a God is that not Worshipping Thy Self, Thy God you think you can become? The event that’s taking place here that you’re looking upon is the eye opener for you and everyone else. Are you or Are you not with God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ? Search your own Hearts and Souls then your Acts/Works for the Outcome for which you have become by bring the Past forward to the Present and view it as an Entirety as a Whole and the Truth shall be Told. Should you now Right the Wrong and then Turn to God through His Son Jesus Christ for you know not for which you have done or do you continue on your Current Path of Self Righteousness thinking you have a better way (Then God) for which to Live and Teach? Or just stay on your current Path Turning your Back on God, Jesus Christ and Gods Word for which you are judged By? (All is Good) under the False pretense you can Sin all you want and Jesus Christ and God Almighty will Forgive You? 

The Native American Indian and The Indian for India; Where the East and West Unite for the Greater Outcome for the People who throughout their very existence from the Beginning to the End did keep their Promise to God/The Almighty Creator who never gave into Temptation and Lived throughout Time following Gods True Plan (All is Good). The very types of Men who brought the Gifts unto Gods Son at the Time of The Star of Bethlehem that lit up the Heavens and the Earth announcing the Birth of God Son Jesus Christ showing the True Path from the Heavens to the Earth and from the Earth to the Heavens Above through his Son Jesus Christ. The Native American Indian who did live that True Plan for which God gave unto them in the Beginning the True Path of Life for which Mankind was meant to live turning their Backs on all Temptation and stayed fast upon the Land to watch over it to keep it safe sharing it with all who comes without Wars or Conflicts until he Returns. These are the very types of People who Guarded, Nurtured and Guided the Poor, Sick and Week and never exiled them from the Lands for which God Gave unto them the Rights to live upon for they were the Meek (God’s Creatures) and the Four Hundred and Forty Four Thousand (The Different Species that grows upon the Earth) for which God Gave unto them Dominion over to Watch over and Keep Them Safe and share with all others without Wars or Conflicts until He Returns. By Guarding and Nurturing the very Gifts God gave to them by loving and caring and observing them they learned the Secret of the (90%-10%) plan the very Guidance for which they were to go forth from the Four Corners of the Earth and Back to the Four Corners of the Earth to Multiply not only themselves but the Meek and the Four Hundred and Forty Four Thousand. For even the Meek gives back unto the Earth and aids in the Multiplying of the Four Hundred and the Forty Four Thousand for they do not digest all of the seeds and fertilize them through their Scat, Dung, Feces whichever you wish to label it and Scatters it about the Land. They also give back unto Man as Food (Meat) and aiding in Planting and Fertilizing Crops (Grains) for which Humanity needs to Survive on.

Even the Four Hundred and Forty Four Thousand gives back unto the Earth through Compost giving all that ends at the times of the Seasons and the times shedding old Growth no longer needed and also giving back unto Man Food, Means for Shelter, Heat and Fertile Lands for which to do it all over again. They give 10% back to Mother Earth and they Share the 90% with the Meek and Mankind all for which are their ways of saying Thanks to God through (Man) Thanks to Mother Earth (The Giver of Life) and Mankind (for making it all Happen) in hopes that Mankind will give back 10% unto God (who Created it all) and to Share the 90% with all who comes (Mankind, The Meek and Mother Earth all working together to promote the Four Hundred and Forty Four Thousand) to Create (All is Good) Gods Plan. 

You will also note that they are facing away from what is happening behind them and they are looking towards the East illustrating there’s a new way of life coming as it would each day as the Sun Raises from the East presenting a new Day for which to start over or continue on from the previous Day/Life for which they had lived. For they are the Helpers that will bring new Life to the Earth and Lead the People in the ways for which God meant it to be a long with the Meek and the Four Hundred and Forty Four Thousand after God/Jesus Christ rids the Earth of all Evil for all Eternity.  

The Spanish Priest; is just below the Serpent with the Golden Crown upon his head for Both are not on the Lambs Book of Life they are both Guarding the Missing Corner Peace of the Lambs Book of Life one representing the times of Ancient Mythology and other representing the task for which God gave unto to them. The Secret lies in the Crown of the Serpent in accordance to Ancient Mythology and the task given unto the Spanish by God. Are the Spanish exempt from the Persecution/Punishment for which God/Jesus Christ is illustrating as Judgement / Punishment by your own Acts/Works? Only those who’s done Gods Work and only through their Acts/Works for which they had done for (All is Good) the Greater Cause in preserving Gods Plan in the West. (See the Serpent) for more information.          

The Warning Sign

The very happening that is taking place on the Northwest Corner of the Lambs Book of Life is the full illustration as to what is happening in your current every day lives. Seeing is believing, a picture is worth a Thousand Words. This is why God gave unto me the Job of Translating the Lambs Book of Life so there would not be any misunderstanding as to what God wanted you to see and fully understand that Jesus Christ is coming back and you are being Punished by your own Acts/Works you Created   

From Gods Messenger a Common Postal Worker here on Earth now to the People of the World. Gods Last Message to Humanity the End is now here, So where do you Stand with God and his Son Jesus Christ?