The Numeric Code

How it came to be and How it all Works


The Numeric Code is a simple but vary unique set of numbers that has basically been known to exist for thousands of years, primarily in the realm of religion. For thousands of years Mathematicians and Scholars around the world from both fields of science and religion have tried to break or figure out the true meaning of the Numeric Code and what’s it basic purpose. And to this day they have failed to unravel the mystery behind this simple but unique set of numbers. God has now revealed and clearly stated that humanity in their attempt to solve or basically understand the numeric code is about eighty percent correct and twenty percent wrong. This is one of the main reasons that God has now decided to reveal the true meaning behind the numeric code by first revealing it to a wayward babe / lowly man. Here it is clearly noted by Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) who devoted nearly 50 years of his life trying to figure out the numeric code and how it is related to Gods word (the Bible). 

“It was revealed to Daniel that the prophecies concerning the last times should be closed up and sealed until the times of the end: But then the wise should understand, and the knowledge should be increased (Daniel 12:4,9,10). And therefore the longer they have continued in obscurity, the more hopes there are that the time is at in which they are to be made manifest. If they are never to be understood, to what end did God reveal them? Certainly he did it for the edification of the church. And if so then it is certain that the church shall at length attain to the understandings thereof. I mean not all that call themselves Christians, but a remnant, a few scattered persons which God hath chosen, such as without being led by interest, education, or human authorities, can set themselves sincerely and earnestly to search after truth. For Daniel hath said that the wise shall understand, so he said also that none of the wicked shall understand” – Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) 

The numeric code is only one of three parts of the prophecy that Sir Isaac Newton is referring to that Daniel had stated that should be closed up and sealed until the times of the end. The second part of the prophecy is something that we are all very aware of and that is the Bible that has been open to humanity for thousands of years. Here is another quotation I was given that basically explains why the Bible if it has been open to humanity all this time.

“Since Jesus refers to his father as ‘Lord of heaven and earth’, it is apparent that his subsequent words apply to both realms. In fact God is only described as ‘Lord of heaven and earth’ as above and in Acts 4:24 and Acts 17:24 in the bible. So God hides bible truths from the angels and the demons, which are far wiser and far more intellectual than us, and reveals them to babes by angelic standards. All humans are babes by angelic standards. So the bible has to be sufficiently hard to decode and sufficiently ambiguous that even the angels cannot crack it. Then God can choose to give an insight to a baby human, and this lowly man, will than crack a part of the code first. The angels, on seeing this, will hit their spirit foreheads with their spirit hands and go dah! They then will race ahead of us humans using their superior intelligence and linguistic dexterity to get ahead of the humans, only to get stuck at the next angelic road block until God chooses to reveal the next Key to another lowly human”. At this point and time God not only fooled the angels and guardians of the heavens once but twice. While the angels and guardians of the heavens raced to get ahead of what God had revealed to me as the first part of the numeric code, God then gave me the second part as well. Now I have the entire Numeric Code.   

The third part of the Prophecy is the final portion of the prophecy that has been hidden from humanity from the very beginning of the existence or creation of man. That is the Book of Life Written by Man not to be confused with the Lambs Book of Life that was Written by God both meant to be found / revealed in the times of the end, it is the last warning from God to Mankind. 

The major thing that all three have in common, the Lambs Book of Life, The Numeric Code and the Bible is they all tell or reveal the past, the present, and the future. The numeric code is the Key to both the Bible and The Lambs Book of Life and The Lambs Book of Life is the Key to the Numeric Code and the Bible that makes the Bible the Key to the Numeric Code and The Lambs Book of Life. Thus creating them in such a way that they all work together as God had planned it from the very beginning proving he is the creator of heaven and earth. As I reveal how the Numeric Code works and how it symbolizes everything as God has created it you will soon recognize how the Numeric Code influences your very own lives and where you stand in the eyes of God. 

The Two Books of Life, One written by Man the Other Created By God

In the Bible it is foretold in the End all shall be Revealed unto you. The Book with No Name that shall not be written until the End Times is the Book of Life written by Man and the second Book of Life is the Lambs Book of Life written by God in the Beginning, meant for his Son Jesus Christ for the End Times. The Third Book is the Bible. The Book of Life written by Man Shall be the First Book Opened, The Second Book the Lambs Book of Life Shall be the Second Book Opened and the Third Book that Shall be Opened is the Bible for which you shall be Judged By.