The Evil Powers


                      To Understand the Basics of the Network World

                                     For the Greater Glory of Power

                                                        “Pure Evil”

Is to understand the Mind behind the man who first brought it to light through his Theories on Relativity of Power and the Atomic Structure of the Atom is only part of the assembly of the Network World that seeks to become the ultimate collective power to control all things that’s contained within the limits of the Corporate Giants that now surrounds it’s self by the Corporate Collective Vail known as the Network Structure that is powered by all those who hide behind the scenes who directs those for whom they have chosen to be the outreach for what they have been instructed to act upon. The shifts in Authority Powers within the Networks come from the rewrites in part or in whole of the Infrastructure from out of the Center Core passed out through Governmental Branches and the Business and Corporate Infrastructures, Included but limited to the Military and Law Enforcement and the Justice System. 

Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics. His work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science. (Alongside Quantum Mechanics) Quantum Mechanics is like a hidden Infrastructure you cannot see, yet it is right there in our everyday lives. Combined with the Relativity of Power it becomes a Mechanism for which all can be Control for Good or Evil Purposes. 

In the Modern Times of today whenever a single Entity a makeup of collective powers seek to Control all things Upon the Earth and Within it and the Seas and all Upon it and Within it and the Skies Above for the Common Wealth for the Wealthy is when it becomes Pure Evil for they will always Sacrifice the Bottom and will label it as We must Sacrifice the Few for the Good of The Many, Wars are Healthy it will Stimulate the Economy that makes the Wealthy Wealthier and the Poor Poorer creating the Sacrificial Circle over and over again. To Sacrifice any Human Life is Satanism a Satanic Cult whether it be done Directly or Indirectly under the orders of anyone is a direct order of a Satanic Cult. To Arrest anyone under False Accusations, Persecuting anyone under False Accusations, Denying anyone of Evidence to Defend Themselves, Prosecuting anyone in a Rigged Court, Sentencing anyone under these Circumstances is to Sacrifice a Life for Satanism the Acts of a Satanic Cult. Once proven out in the days of Jesus Christ when he had to face the Legal System of the Land at the time, only finding himself before a Rigged Court System by the Church of the Land at the Time, who did choose a Liar, Thug and Thief over the Son of God and was Crucified by the Law Enforcement of the Land at the Time. Another of example of Sacrificing a life or lives is to go after their Income and Black Balling them from obtaining any form of income, causing them to lose everything they own but not limited to property, it could even bring about the loss of Family. (Excommunicating, Shunning / Black Balling to strip them of everything they own and driving them out Town) as it was demonstrated in the days of Egypt’s Acts against Moses Exiling him from Egypt with nothing but the Cloths on his back. Any such Acts against Any Person and Their Property is Satanism from a Satanic Cult.   

Albert Einstein was born and raised as a Jewish believer in Germany who did come to the United States prior to Hitler’s Attacks on other countries starting off World War Two. Even Hitler was from a Jewish Family and with the aid of Scientist similar to Albert Einstein was able to construct the Mightiest War Machines through Technology that was once lead by Albert Einstein and his Work. 

Now in these Modern Times with the Continuum of Albert Einstein Works of   Theoretical Physics, Quantum Science and Quantum Mechanics applying Philosophy of science allowed them to Create the Mass Networks that is now spanning around the World as a Controlling factor to Control all Products and Goods all through Wholesale, Development, Manufacturing, Distribution, Transportation, Marketing, Retail Sales and Brokerage and a one World Currency known as Rainbow Money for Money has become nothing more than numbers on a piece of paper, like the very thing everyone carries with them every day of their lives. Known as Bank Cards, Debit Cards, Store Cards, Gift Cards, Credit Cards and Food Cards all with the intent to Monitoring all Spending / Financial Profiling and for Some to keep them bound in Financial Slavery compiled with Low Wages, Poor Food and Living Conditions that will create Diseases and Pestilents that creates Poor Heath to feed the Serpent of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Networks that links to the Chemical and Genetic Altering Networks combined with the Fossil Fuel Networks that are the basic cause for a lot of the Modern Diseases and problems we are Facing today. In the section of the Boil in the Side of Jesus Christ it clearly shows a Scientist with a Microscope Symbolizing its Scientific and Microscopic, such as Genetic Altering, Generic, Synthetic and Artificial Drugs and Foods. The Boil is an infection that’s build up from Pollution, the Clouds in the Boil symbolizes in the Air, Air Pollution and the Bottle symbolizes it’s in our Water, Water Pollution and being the Boil is created upon the Earth it symbolizes the Earth is also Contaminated with Pollution all created by the Acts of Mankind that produced the Works that made it all Happen. (All for the Greed of Money and the Lust for Power) To create more Million Aires and Billion Aires in the World along with the Trillions of Net Worth of Originations with the Power of Straight through the Net Work Systems that all Feed the Core of the Evil Powers at the Helm Known as the Seven Heads and The Eighth Head through the Mighty Beast they Rose Up out of the Abyss with the Mighty Ten Horns it Keeps Hidden in the Cloud. Any Horn upon any Beast or Serpent is a Major Net Work Organization they Control. Do not Confuse the Golden Crown upon the Serpent behind Jesus Christ with the Crown of Horns upon the Beasts, Serpents and Dragons of the Warriors of the Anti-Christ.  


The Collective Powers

The Beast, The Serpent and The Eagle


In the Reality of believe that if anyone seeks to know the truth about any of the facets of life, the answers are in God's Word. His truths are available to all of us. This is a broad statement because when we take a closer look, there are hindrances we all face in order to learn and grasp His Truths.
Such hindrances usually come just from being human. We use our human logic and naturally look at things from our own cultures, educations, ages, etc. One of the greatest blessings of learning, come from learning with the “divine of light” that we have. Each time we learn or experience something, it becomes part of the resources we draw from our minds into our hearts and souls. One new thing can shed a great divine light on everything else. Which in turn, manifests into all things are Good.

And so we go through our lives with our ever increasing measures of divine light. This is how it works for true followers of Jesus Christ and God Almighty. It also works “negatively” for those who reject the Lord and His voice that has always been reaching out to them. The Bible says that to those who are wise with what the Lord gives them, He gives more. And to those who are not, He takes away. What is often missed is that this applies to reasoning. Just try to reason with a fool. One does not become a fool by accident. And if someone is wise in the Lord, they are easy to reason with. Most of us are somewhere in between one extreme or the other but we are all either going forward or backwards, even if we have little trials and tribulations along the way.
We have to be open to the Lord enough, that He can correct wrong ideas and even sometimes wrong foundations that we might have learned. If we are not, then we will not be able to move forward in the direction for which was intended as to All is Good. When it comes to Truth, this really matters for all of us, as only truth builds upon truth. How can you expect to become a better person if you’re not willing to accept the facts that you have been doing wrong. 

With these thoughts in mind, I will explain about the dragon and the beasts.

The one main factor that has been presented on the Lambs Book of Life its total makeup is of Images, the one True Language that all walks of life can see and understand and only Evil will not, nor will they understand it. In the Bible Gods Truth it also speaks of Images throughout the Visions from God to Man. Part of the Hidden Message in the Bible is in relation to these Images and the Numeric Code that’s written within the Bible is the Tool / Aid that helps in all aspects to the Bible, The Lambs Book of Life and the Acts and Works of Men from the past to the present and the future to come. In all means they all are Symbolic in reference to other meanings, same but different for which you see in part or in whole as an Entirety so the Truth can be Told. 

The Seven Headed Beast that has Risen up from the Earth now Stands before all Humanity. The Body of the Seven Headed Beast is the point for which the Seven Heads Controls that, that extend down to the mighty Paws for which it stands upon the Earth. The body Represents the Business and Corporate infrastructure that feeds the Seven Headed Beast that gives its Power to the Mighty Paws that stands on the four Corners of the Earth through the Networks it Controls. The Body of the Seven Headed Beast is Spotted like that of a Leopard for good cause and reason for a Leopard never changes its Spots. (God States; It Shall be the Remnants from World War Two that shall bring Forth World War Three). For when they produce the infrastructure it’s the same for all Nations they Control. (one Policy / one set of Laws)(one World Order) all being for the Control of the Anti-Christ. 

The Lion Head the King of the Beast, the mind, the think tank where all major decisions are made and dispatched through the Networks systems into the infrastructures and down to the Corporate and Business Sectors and the Governmental Sectors where their commands are carried out. 

The Crown of Ten Horns upon its Head; The Ten Cities, Kingdoms of Gold (Wealth) form the four Corners of the Earth through the Network Systems through the infrastructure through the Corporate and Business Sectors they Control.  As they Composite and Compile data to Accumulate all information to Compose the makeup of a Total Rewrite or Construction of the Infrastructures for which they Govern All Things. The Total Infrastructure Plan is also written for the Government, the Eagles Claw / Talon you see in the Photo representing the Power of the Governmental Powers / Laws. 

The Serpent in the Background with the Ten Horns on its Head Represents the Medical and Pharmaceutical Empire whereas the Ten Horns Represents the Various Networks it’s connected to through Genetic Alteration, Generic, Synthetic, Artificial and Scientific Creations such as Stem Cell Growth and Cloning, to Artificial Insemination of Eggs and In Vitro implants in Women all brought on by Chemical means and Genetic Alterations all with the effects that can Sever Human Lives. For the Mighty Jaws and Fangs of the Serpent Represents exactly that the means to Devour Human Lives. Through the massive entanglement cause and effect to effects and causes brings about the Confusion between Sound Judgement and Error. For in the beginning of the makeup of the Medical Network / Doctors Fields, Doctors were high in supply and suffering from low incomes. In vase Seminars of Teaching these words were Spoken. To obtain more income you need to only Treat the Symptoms and not Administer the Cure, for if you Cure the Patient you will runout of Patients and if you only Treat the Symptoms you will always have a Return / Repeat Patient that will build up your Client list. And if you invest in Pharmaceuticals you will gain a Second Income Stream as well as gain the Pharmaceuticals that will only Treat the Symptoms. Some Pharmaceutical Companies even pay a percentage / perks for all Medications you Prescribe. 

The Serpent is mainly close to the Seven Heads for Financial Backing and Support for vase buildings of Hospitals, Clinics, Test Centers, Treatment Centers, and Medical Building for Doctors and Pharmacies.

This Serpent is also linked with the Serpent that’s Rising up in Satan’s Lair as the Staff of Satan with the same Venomous bite that Represents Drugs, Marijuana, Cannabis, Vaping Chemicals and Alcohol abuse.     


The Beast with the Ten Horns

The Mighty Powers of the Beast


From out of the West, from the inland bound Sea has Rose Up out of the Abyss the Mighty Beast with the Ten Horns. Who’s Mighty Paws extend from Sea Shore to Sea Shore around the Earth with the Mighty Claws of Gold that’s bleeding the Wealth from Shore to Shore for the Common Wealth to Empower in Body and Whole of the Eighth Headed Serpent who was once Wounded by the Double Edge Sword, and Now the Wound is Now Healed. For this Mighty Beasts Blood Line is as Cold as Ice as the Beast with no Heart and Total Soulless by Thy Acts that produces Thy Works for every Dollar they Sow they Shall Reap Ten Fold. For the Body as a Whole is the Power of the Infrastructure of the Business and Corporate Networks Systems which is Incorporated under the Corporate Vail of the Eighth Head. For the Mighty Beast follows the 10% / 90% Rule. 10% Thy Acts of Low Wages produces Thy Works Poverty. 90% Thy Acts of High Profits produces Thy Works the Common Wealth of the Body of the Eighth Head. 10% Thy Acts Sacrificing even that of their Own to Thy Works Poverty. 90% Thy Acts The Teaching of applying for State Funded Social Programs. Thy Works the Greater Income Stream to Feed the Business and Corporate Infrastructure of the Mighty Beast that Feeds the Common Wealth of the Eighty Head. Thy Act; Profiteering, Thy Works; Liars, Thugs and Thieves against Federal Social Security Programs, working in Total Conjunctions with the Total Written Infrastructure of the Collective of Powers to undermine Social Security.

The Mighty Jaws and Teeth of the Mighty Beast is exact to that of the Mighty Serpent of the Collective Powers of the Medical Network and the Pharmaceutical Network both on the Wholesale and Retail sides of the Pharmaceutical Infrastructure of it Networks Systems but not limited to such as to the extension that reaches out to the Food Chain and it’s Network Infrastructure of Agriculture and Livestock Industries Corporations of the Eighth Head. As one who had Beard Witness unto me; A man in business but not of their Faith, My business was Collapsing, My family was suffering due to low income, trouble paying my bills, low food in the house, kids having to wear rags and second hand clothing to school, I was finally down so low that I needed some sort of Change. Then came the Church and stated, come join us and your Business, Family Life will be uplifted, all you will need to do is get Baptized in the Church where you can start paying Tithings to the Church. So I join the Church so my family would not suffer anymore, And the moment I was Baptized I felt inside that I had just sold-out my Soul. It was either sitting by and watching my family suffer or giving up my Soul. Now you can see how the Church has uplifted my Company from internal contracts from within the Church. As a Response to a dear friend; God knows you were bound by obligation to your family, and bound within a Land the Church has the Power in Both Church and State that left you no Choice. It’s the Sacrifice that God will remember for the Love you hold for your Family and not what you felt you Sold out, for a Soul can be recovered from the Clutches of Evil. (Racketeering, a collective order against one, and Predatory Practices Black Balling against a Business) To force someone to conform to their ways, against Gods Law of the Free Right to Choose; Right from Wrong, and God States you Shall Not Bow before no Man. 

For as The Messenger of God I Bear Witness unto; I owned a Piece of Property at the time that was Worth over Three Hundred Thousand Dollars on the open Market and I had closed down my Business, a Prominent Member of Society, Church and friend of the Family had come to make an offer on the Property in the behalf of the Church. His / Their Offer was for Eighty Five Thousand Dollars Cash, when I Stated I would never sell it for that and Stated it’s worth over Three Hundred Thousand Dollars on the Open Market, He did State, You will sell it to us or you will never Sell it at all. I politely told him the Way off my Property and never come back. (Price Fixing, Black Balling and Racketeering) All Evil Acts by Lucifer the Evil Acts of Men. 

The Mighty Tail of the Beast with the Boney Spine is Thy Rod the means of Punishment and the Spine is the Power to Sever a Livelihood or Life. (For we must Sacrifice the Few for the Good of the Many) Go against the Church as a Member or Nonmember They will Excommunicate you from the Church, Shun You, Black Ball You and Even cost you your Livelihood to Strip you of Everything you Own and Drive you out of Town. (Don’t Kill The Messenger) A Collage Professor Teaching the History of the Church who had to flee to a Distant Land for Preservation of Himself and His Family. (One of Their Own) 

The Mighty Ten Horns are the Major Controlling Networks they Own in Majority Part or in Whole. The Controlling Factor of the Infrastructure of the Networks of the Business and Corporate Network Infrastructure. That Mighty Beast of Ten Horns, keeps its Mighty Horns Concealed in the Cloud, The information and Communications Network for which they are a Majority Investor of, granting the Majority of Power. Whereas Wire Tapping is illegal but Air Tapping and Fiber Optics is not that allows them to Ping any Computer, Cell Phone etc. for which they Choose. (Who Spies on Who) for the Greater outcome of the Collective Powers.            


The United Collective Powers of the Eighth Head Thy Serpernt

Powers Out of the West

From out of the West from the Land of Zion from the Inland Bound Sea Rose up the Mighty Eighth Head from the Sea, that was once Wounded by the Double Edge Sword (The Bible) and now the Wound has now Healed (The out Cast of the Bible) For they now Teach only from Thy own Word. For they Do Not Practice for which they Preach. For Thy Leadership is that of a Two Face Jackal that Speaks out of the Mouth of Two Faces, One Face Speaks to Thy People as a Profit of God for only the Empowerment of Wealth, Yet the other Face Speaks to Thy Business and Corporate Infrastructure of the Mighty Beast with the Ten Horns For Whom they Rose up out of the Abyss to Rape and Pillage the Lands you Seek for which He Speak to as Thy President of Thy Church. Under the False Pretenses of Thy Son Jesus Christ you Seal Thy People in Thy Temples as a False Passage to Thy Realms of Thy Gods Kingdom, For Thy Son for Whom you Knuth Jesus Christ Forewarned all, Thy True Passage to Thy Kingdom is Through Thy Son Jesus Christ and None Other. For you have now Sealed your Own into Thy Temples for which They Shall Descend into the Realms of Thy God for Whom you Worship your God Almighty Satan. For you have Chosen Thy True Path to Follow of Thy Son, Lucifer Thy Evil Acts of Men. You Shall Descend into the Abyss following That of the Mighty Beast with the Ten Horns for Which You by your own Acts Have Risen out of the Abyss. As Thy True Witness of Thy Words for Which I Speak from Thy Good Graces of God Almighty through Thy Good Graces of Thy Son Jesus Christ, To Thy Messenger of God the World Shall Know Thy Truth as To Whom you Chose to Follow and To Whom You Chose to Worship Thy Son Lucifer and Thy God Satan. For I have Spoken through Thy Messenger of God. 

To those of the Pillars of Both Church and States, Prominent Members of Communities, State and Church for whom has added Insult to Injury upon the Messenger of God. When you Learned he was Part Native American and Part White, You then there For Declared him as a Half Breed Deeming him as a Heathen and Savage. Insult to Injury to the Son of God Jesus Christ who is Half God and Half Man you then Deem him a Half Breed Declaring him as a Heathen and Savage adding Insult to Injury to his Father God Almighty. To Further add Insult to Injury Upon the Messenger of God with your Threats to Strip Him of Everything He Owns and Drive Him Out of Town is to add Insult to Injury to the Son of God, Jesus Christ as if he was in your Presents and to Yet add Insult to Injury to his Father God Almighty. To add Insult to Injury upon the Messenger of God as Per Your Acts as The KKK (Ku Klux Klan) A Collective Order Against one Man Is an Insult to Injury to the Son of God Jesus Christ as if it was He who Walked Amongst You that adds Insult it Injury a direct Insult to Injury to His Father God Almighty. 

The Mighty Lion Beast with the Mighty Wings and the Seven Heads with the Mighty Wings demonstrates the Two United in the Same Mighty Ability of Flight with the Collective Powers of the Lion and the Leopard who never Changes it Spots who United under the Agreement You Build the Temples in East and we Will Build the Temples in the West. For both have similar Common Traits and Goals, The Common Denominator between the Two United is the Crest for the Shield of the Anti-Christ for Whom they Guard and Defend Utilizing the Mighty Power of Flight, that Symbolizes Planes, Helicopters, Drones and Satellites from the Skies above to the outer banks of Space. For the Lion is King as Kane the Two Legged Lion King over his Kingdom of Varmints and Vermin’s beneath the Surface in their Underground World who lurks in the Underworld, out of Sight out of Mind. For the Mighty Lion is the Law of the Land as that of the Two Legged Lion Beast for which God had Marked Him so None of Able’s  Friends could harm Him or Take his Life for he is the King of his Kingdom as Equal to the Seven Kings of Kings with the Golden Crowns upon their Horns as Foretold in God’s Word the Bible, For Kane out of Jealousy for which to come (The Bible) wrote His Teaching through passing of Generations upon the Golden Plates Through his Sons out Egypt for Which is Told from Ancient Egyptian Text now Reiterated / Clarified to Ancient Modified Egyptian Text to Justify the Vast Expansion of the Book of Life Written By Man Who Rules Their Kingdom by the Almighty Rod. The Chastised means for Speaking out Against Church and State as Jesus Christ was Chastised for Speaking Against the Church and the Law of the Land in the Past as to His People in the Present who Follows the True Path for which the Son Of God, Jesus Christ left Behind to Follow Thy Word, The Bible. The Lion Beast is the Interior of Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, Justice Departments  Militants with Military Backgrounds all for whom will Suppress the Minds of the True Followers of Jesus Christ and the Very Christians Faiths and the True Followers of God Almighty they Pursue Today. By all that is Hidden Within the Very Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing that Lurks amongst Thy People of today. 

A Quote from Wikipedia 

“Armilus (Hebrew: ארמילוס‎) (also spelled Armilos and Armilius)[1] is an anti-messiah figure in medieval Jewish eschatology, comparable to medieval interpretations of the Christian Antichrist and Islamic Dajjal, who will conquer whole Earth and will centralize in Jerusalem and persecute the believers until his final defeat at the hands of Messenger of God or the true Messiah. His inevitable destruction symbolizes the ultimate victory of good over evil in the Messianic Age.”  

Then Comes the Mighty Bear; The Beast of the Earth, Shall be that of a Man who Shall Rise to Great Power who will bring forth his Little Idol, That of a Bear, The Grizzle Bear who Shall bring Forth The Storm. And it Shall Be the Eighth Head that Shall Bring it Life and Make it Speak. (Done by Advertising and Promotional Ads through the Commutations Networks) The Trumpeter who Blows / Tweets his Own Horn, the Godsend of Evil Powers, for which God will allow to Rule for a short time. (You must Endure the Bitter, Before you can Appreciate the Sweet) For the Angel who Stands on Sea and Land only Stands Down for a Short Time to Allow the Leadership and Thy People to Scatter in Mind Thought in Hopes they will Turn around Wipe their Feet and Walk Away.     

From the background of the Photo you see the Mighty Plumes of Smoke as for they have sought to Turn Jesus Christ’s Kingdom into a Firery Inferno of Mayhem, Death and Destruction. As For Satan Himself is Teaching in his Lair the Very same Acts that were done in the Past by the People at the Time Moses Lead them to the Promise Land and Moses went upon the Mountain to obtain the Laws of God and the People Turned back to Drunkenness, Sex exploitation of all kinds and Built the Golden Calf. 

In the Heart of the Black Rock Desert, Black Rock City, the Event / Playa Known as Burning Man Symbolizing the Destruction of Mankind by Fire. And the Rising of his Mighty Staff that of Serpent with the Fangs of injection of Drugs, Alcohol, Marijuana, Cannabis, Generic and Synthetic Drugs etc. For Satan has Now Risen from the Depths of Hell, the Father of Lucifer (The Evil Acts of Men) All Sanctioned by the United States Federal Government in 2008.  

As to only Part of the Hidden Message in the Bible God sent Forth the Visions of the Serpents, Beasts and Dragons to confuse the Minds of the Many for if He Had Spelled it all out in the Beginning the Evil Powers of Today would have only Shifted the Powers of Elusions / Deceptions of Fame, Fortune and Glory the Very Elusion Satan Tempted Jesus Christ With when he Faced Satan and Jesus Christ Turned Around and Stated I Rebuke Thee Satan and Wiped his Feet and Walked Away.