The Antichrist

The Antichrist and The Valley/Land of the Dead. The Home of the Fallen Gods


The Missing Corner Peace of the Book of Life Written by Man 

The Land of Dan 

The Tribe of Dan (Hebrew: דָּן), meaning, "Judge," was one of the tribes of Israel, according to the Torah. They were allocated a coastal portion of land when the people of Israel entered the Promised Land, later moving northwards.

The Lost Tribe of Dan was Exiled from the Promised Land of Israel for good Cause and Reason for what they Carried within and upon them for Thy God Thy Judge made it so. They fled from the West Shores of Israel to the North and on to the East Shores of the Western Continent where they met Their Demise only leaving behind what the Carried and Sealed it within their Temple of the Mound near the Eastern Shores of the Western Continent. Sealed in the Mound the Temple of the Lost Tribe of Dan until yet another Sought the Better way to Teach other than Gods True Word the Bible who did seek out God for the Answer and God lead him unto the Mound the Temple of the Lost Tribe of Dan where he Received the Golden Plates for which he could Teach, from the Ancient Egyptian Text, from which the Symbols were Translated to bring forth the Birth of a new Life and New Way to Teach Equal to or Greater than or Equal to or Less than (the Formula for Action and Reaction) Than Gods True Words inspired by God through his Son to Men who Wrote the Books in the Bible the Followers of Jesus Christ and the True believers of a Superior Power over all that is and all that was, God Almighty the Creator of all things, the Alpha and Omega the Beginning and the End. When they were Exiled from the East of the Western Continent now in Search for a Land they could call their own, only after seeking God once again, so God did grant and Lead them Westward to the Land of Zion for which they could call their own. The Birth Place of the Book of Life written by Man. The Book they had Created from the Translation of Ancient Egyptian Text, is the Book of Mormon the Key that Fits in the Missing Corner Peace of the Book of Life Written by Man where they were Granted the Rights to Judge their Own and no other for the Last who had the Rights to Judge By God are those who Rides in the Crown of the Serpent in the Missing Corner Peace of the Lambs Book of Life written By God in the Beginning meant for Son in the End Times. 

The Missing Corner Piece of the Book of Life written by Man is in the State of Wyoming the Southwest Corner that fits the missing corner piece of the Book of Life written by Man, there resided the Secrets of the Book of Life written by Man known as the Land of the Dead where the Gods of Atlantis were Bound in the Surface of the Earth by those from Ancient Mythology Apollo and Athena through the Acts and Works of Apollo who discovered the Secret in the Power of the Golden Bow united with the Golden Arrows that brought down the Serpent in the Missing Corner Piece of the Lambs Book of Life. When Apollo Shared the Secret of the Bows and Arrows, Athena then knew the Silver Bow united with the Silver Arrows would give her the Power equal to that of Apollo, The Power of Gods, now united as two Gods they sought out the City of Atlantis the home of the Gods and with Power of Both a Golden Arrow and a Silver Arrow they brought down the City of Atlantis, Once it hit the Surface it Turned to Stone Sealing all that was in it within the Surface of the Earth. Those Gods who Fled the City of Atlantis Apollo and Athena Took them down one by one and as they hit the Surface they were Turned into Stone within the Surface of the Earth. All Bound in the surface in or near the Missing Corner Piece of the Book of Life written by Man. 

Apollo and Athena then moved on now their Acts/Works were done to the Future where they gained their Recognition through their Kind Acts and their Works they done for Humanity. Apollo became Known as Cupid the Match Maker of Love and Athena the Goddess of War  became Known as the Goddess of Marriage and Love for she found her true Love and it was like a Marriage Made in Heaven the very Love she had for Humanity the one she Married. 

The Antichrist the Head Figure of a Man located in the land of Dan the Missing Corner Piece of the Book of Life written by Man, Symbolizes all those who seek Revenge against God Almighty and his Son Jesus Christ, Cain, the Gods from Atlantis, Lucifer, the Seven Headed Serpent, the Eighth Head with a crown of Ten Horns and all those who fallow directly or indirectly who fallows their False Profits for ill-gotten Gains, Those who Rape and Pillage the Lands who take more than they give back, Those who Lust in Drunkenness of Sex, Alcohol and Drugs and Idol Worshiping, and all those who Think they are Gods or the Son of God Jesus Christ. 

The Body of the Antichrist those who follow Directly or Indirectly

The Evil acts of Men/Lucifer who leads by deception with despicable means all for Wealth and Power. The Harlots that Rides the Back of the Bulls, The Harlot that Rides the Back of the Beast, The Wolf in Sheep Clothing, Those who lurk in the Shadows of Darkness, Those who practice Prejudice (Guilty until Proven Innocent)-(Guilty by Participation directly or indirectly)-(Ignorance to Law is no Excuse)-(Hypocrites to their own Teaching)-(The Practices of The Ku Klux Klan-An Organization Against another Race, Creed, or Religion)-(Those who Practice Polygamy directly or indirectly with Ex wife's to evade the Laws)-(Those who misuse Social Programs to enrich their own)-(Insider Trading, Black Balling, Price Fixing, Predatory Practices, Racketeering, Hostile Takeovers, Practices of Survival of the Fittest, Do unto other before they can do unto you, What goes on Behind Close Door stays Behind Close Doors, What the People don't know won't hurt them, The People don't know what they are doing we must act for them, Don't administer the Cure only Treat the symptom-Hypocrite of the Hippocratic Oath