Back side of God/Jesus Christ

God/Jesus Christ Blowing the Flesh off the Warrior


John 4:10; Jesus replied, “Philip, I have been with you all this time, and still you do not know Me. Anyone who has seen Me has seen the Father. How can you say, Show us the Father? Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me? Thy words I say to you, I do not speak on My own Instead, it is thy Father dwelling in Me, performing His Works. Believe Me that I am in thy Father and thy Father is in Me, or at least believe on account of Thy Works. For God and Son has United as one who comes with the Power of God.

The Back Side of God is the Back Side of Jesus Christ the Long Black Hair illustrates that of God and the White Gown that is Faded, Worn, Torn and Ragged is that of the only Possessions for which Jesus Christ owned. Both representing God and Son as United as a Whole for which the Truth is Told of both the Old and the New (The Old Testament and the New Testament) the Old Teachings to the New Teachings of God’s Word (The Bible) the Birth of Christianity for which His Son brought to a New Form of Life to Teach Humanity and Guide them to his Fathers Kingdom. 

In the Left Side of Jesus Christ you will find where I have circled the Boil that has been Festering up for Thousands of years where they Lanced Jesus Christ in the Side to puncher his Lungs to make sure he was Dead. That very infestation is what Jesus Christ is exhaling out of his Lungs in a single Breath to Strip the Flesh of the Warrior as it is leaning into the harsh Wind of Christ Breath the Judgement of Humanities Acts/Works from the Past to the Present to Rid the Earth of the Evil Acts of Men, Lucifer himself. 

The Giant Warrior is Symbolic to Represent the Warriors of the Past and also Represents the Warriors of today that Knows no other ways to settle Matters other than Wars, those who claim Wars are Healthy and Boosts the greater Economy for the Good of the People. These are also the People who States; We must Sacrifice the Few for the Good of the Many who also States; It’s the Times of Survival of the Fittest by wiping out the Homeless, The Poor, The Sick, The Week and Veterans of Foreign Wars who fought for God and Country to only find themselves being disrespected and cast to the wayside for they no longer serve the Purpose for which they were once Needed. The Evil Acts/Works of Men (Lucifer) now chooses who shall Live or Die. 

These are the exact reasons why God wanted this Book Titled, The Silent War, World War III that is a War that has to fought one Battle at a time without Wars or Conflicts in hopes that Humanity has grown in Knowledge and Wisdom to see how Time and Creation of Mankind is Sacrificing not only Human Lives but the very thing that gives them Life Mother Earth herself for which Humanity has sought to Destroy and all the Life upon it if Humanity does not turn things around and Continues on their present Path of their Acts/Works Jesus Christ himself will End it once and for all For you and then his true Fallowers, Himself, The Meek and The Four Hundred and Forty Four Thousand will then Rebuild his Kingdom. 

See the Boil for What’s inside of it.            

Acts and Thy Works

Thy Acts and Thy Works are the very Creations of Mankind today for which all is Crated By Acts of Mankind to produce their Works that is bring the Destruction of Both Humanity and the Earth the very things for which you are being Judge By.