The Crystal Skull

The Last of 21 Crystal Skulls


The Crystal Skull 

From the City of Atlantis 

The image you looking at Symbolizes, Represents one of the Crystal Skulls from the City of Atlantis that came out of Central America that was hidden out of site at the time of the Spanish invasion of Southern Mexico the Aztec Empire where a young Priest had taken it into Central America in hopes to reach the Inca Empire/Sanctuary in the South in hope the Spanish Conquistadors would not fallow. When the Spanish Conquistadors learned of great Wealth/Treasures in South America the Inca Empire they did set Sail for the Inca Empire in the Conquest of Treasure. During the time of the Evasion of the Conquistadors of the Inca Empire where they were holding the Emperor for Ransom for the Three Treasures of the Three main Temples of the Inca Empire, one in the Southern Region, one in the Central Region, and one in the Northern Region. When the Warriors of the Inca Army was sent after the Treasure from the Northern Region the last of the Treasure/the Ransom for the Emperor, the Emperor was Executed and when the Army of the Northern Region received the News they sent the Virgin Maidens and the Treasure to the North in search of Sanctuary for Both the Maidens and the Treasure the Gifts to their God. On their Journey Northward in Central America they come across the Young Priest who possessed the Crystal Skull who joined them on their Journey to the North. They traveled like Nomads leaving no signs behind so they could not be followed up through Mexico into the Northern Continent. As the tales goes from the Grandfathers of the Native American people from the South to the North as I was a child were told as a Large Band of People who crossed their lands heading North as far as the Canadian Border where they turned back and headed South to Return home for they thought it would be safe, on the journey South they met their Demise, Disappeared from site. These People were led by one Inca Warrior accompanied by Two Giants wearing Suites of Armor. In the Northern Region of the Inca Empire Archeologist have discovered a Village near the west coast where the Inca people were raising and training Giants, Men that stood Ten to Fifteen Feet Tall to work for them and to use them in Battles to intimidate other Tribes they were in Conquest of. As to the Legends of the Inca Treasure as to the People who fled North there are Three Legends that tells the story as to what happened to the Treasure that explains how they moved the Treasure and where it is located. As the People passed by a Ledge one by one they threw the Treasure over the Edge, As the people passed by a Cavern one by one they threw the Treasure into the Cavern, As the people passed by the Lake one by one they threw the Treasure into the Lake. So where is the Treasure and what happened to the People? The Treasure they seek lies in the Y of the Virgin the center of the Jaws of the Serpent where the Inca Warrior now stands in the Missing Corner Piece of the Lambs Book of Life. The Virgin Mountains is on the Pacific Ring of Fire and the Virgin Mountains at one time had a Volcanic Creator or Cavern that had to be surrounded by a Ledge, once the Treasure was surrendered over the Ledge into the Cavern to the Bottom of the Lake God then sealed the Cavern up so no Man could ever find it. As I visited the site of the Inca Warrior I found three locations where the Inca Warrior stands that goes from over Eight Thousand Feet to Zero Feet in Elevation indicating the Treasure is over Eight Thousand Feet straight down. The distance between the three locations I found was about two hundred to three hundred feet apart indicating the opening of the Cavern. The Inca Warrior is about twice the size of a Football field and God put him there for he once stood in the Jaws of Tyranny for the lives of the people. Other things I found on the location near the Inca Warrior was springs that are near the top of the Mountain that runs all year round and a Mine north of the Virgin Peak that’s shaft is flooded with water indicating the water is coming upward and not seepage from a higher Elevations. So there must be some kind of Hydraulic Pressure from below holding up the Earth sealing the Cavern. Now what happened to the People? The people then fled to the East along with the Young Priest and the Crystal Skull. The Priest and the Crystal Skull was left with an Aztec Tribe of Indians near Flagg Staff, Arizona where the Crystal Skull was sealed in a Cave on the San Francisco Peaks where it still resides today. It’s marked with a Land Mark known as the Flight of the Falcon you can only see it from above. Both are located on the Lambs Book of Life. The person carrying the Crystal Skull is that young Priest and the Crystal Skull is the last of Twenty One Skulls that are still out there. The Priest Spirit still guards the Crystal Skull for it is the signal to God that you can see Radiating out from the Earth for that Skull was the final collector of information that was passed up to the Gods of Atlantis indicating Feast or Famine. There is a junction of a major connection point of the Magnetic Lines that all meet near Flagg Staff Arizona that powers the Crystal Skull that causes it to Radiate from the Earth. When you see the location of the Priest and use the Numeric Code it can be applied to it with the aid of Modern Devices and Techniques that allows you to see inside the Lambs Book of Life and three Pages in God declares the Skull and the Priest as a two faced Jackal because they sit only on a portion of the Magnetic Lines and they are a Trader of their own Kind.  

The Secret to the Number of Skulls lies within the Mayan Culture and their Creations. Why Twenty One Skulls is in the Numeric Code that Jesus Christ shall come Three Time the Power 777 for 7 represents Jesus Christ and 77 represents the Double Edge Sword also known as the never ending number 7.                            

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