The Cross in the Earth

The Cross in the Earth is located near the Four Corners of the Earth


The Cross in the Earth is located in the Southeast Corner of the Book of Life written by Man, the small Red Dot near the letter (a) is Monticello, Utah that appeared as a warning from God to the Native American People in the Area as to do not surrender the Land beware of the People who Bares the Cross in the Area do not let them deceive you. 

In the upper portion of the main beam of the Cross you can see a tan colored hand that is open reaching downward towards the Cross Beam of the Cross representing they offer little or nothing in the means of help only to take something far greater Back with the same Hand for they believe every seed they sow they shall reap Ten Fold. So for every dollar they spend they want Ten Dollars Back the 10%-100% rule for which they practice. If you note the Hand is Tan and above it it’s Brown Symbolizing if the Right hand is Causing you to Sin then Sever the Right Hand and it will Die. (The Brown is like that of a Guillotine Severing the Right Arm). 

In the Clouds of the Cross Beam are the Elderly, the Poor, the Sick and the Week of the Native American People for which they are trying to take advantage of by convincing the Youth their way is a better way. 

At the Bottom of the Cross you can see it’s being held up by a hand the Left Hand of God and the hand in the upper portion of the main beam is the Right Hand of Man. When you stand at the Four Corners of the Earth and Face the West for God/Jesus Christ will come from the East as the Sun Raises each day. The Right hand is the Book of Life written by Man and the Lambs Book of Life is the Left Hand written by God. The Lambs Book of Life the Left hand is Thy Staff and the Right hand is Thy Rod the very way for which they Teach and Live, the very means they use to keep their people inline. (Thy Rod) Through Dis-communicating, Shunning, Blackballing, Loss of Income, Loss of Home, Loss of Family Thus Stripping of everything you own and driving you out of Town, for they bread fear amongst the People to keep them in line. If you stay in line, good graces with the Church they will reward you in false pretense God has answered your prayers for all Blessing come from within Thy Church and their own only to benefit Thy Church.  

For God/Jesus Christ; (Thy Staff) would gather you in and nurture you, guide you and Teach you the Better Way and Right from Wrong the very way God intended it to be from the very Beginning. This is why there are two Books of Life, The Lambs Book of Life represents in the Beginning (Thy Staff, Able). The Book of Life written by Man represents in the Beginning (Thy Rod, Cain) and both due as they are Symbolized as, Thy Staff; gathers in defends, nurtures, guides and teach the better way to live. Thy Rod; makes the Land and plants the seed that is Foul within their own and upon the Earth. 

When you note the Cross as the Main Beam’s bottom starting from the South and the top is the North and the Cross Beam runs East and West, now place the Cross on the Lambs Book of Life and Lay it down upon the Earth towards the North and you will find then the upper portion of the Cross’s Main Beam is now in the Land/Valley of the Dead and as God States; If the Right hand causes you to Sin, you must Sever the Right hand. God Severed his Right Hand (the Gods of Atlantis) in the Land/Valley of the Dead. God also Severed the Right Hand of Man when he Exiled Cain from the Garden of Eden who fled to the North to the Land of Zion (the Book with No Name that shall remain sealed and would not be written until the Times of the End) the Book of Life written by Man. 

The Cross in the Earth also Symbolizes/Represents; Grace and Mercy starting from the Earth (the Left Hand of God) going upward through the Cross to the Heavens above to all those who followed his Son Jesus Christ (In the Cross Beam) States; Through the good Graces of God, Through his Son Jesus Christ to the Angel of Mercy in the Heaves above (Gods Kingdom).     

The First Warning Sign

The Cross in the Earth was the First Warning Sign from God, later came the Second Warning Sign from the Ancestors of the Native American People who lives in the Area (The Raising of the Dead) in hopes they will heed to the Second Warning. 

The Rising of the Dead

Bears Ear Monument


The Rising of the Dead is the Spiritual rising of the people from the Beginning to the End as clearly stated in the Bible that the Dead shall be Raised in the Times of the End. 

The many believe that the Dead shall rise in a present Body Form for all to see. The Spiritual Form of life you are seeing in this Image should not be confused with the Rising of the Dead through Fossil Fuels, Fossil Fuels are Remnants/Decaying of the Dead from the Beginning of Time when the Giants roamed the Earth. In the End times in the Bible it states even the Seas shall give up its Dead representing that of Fossil Fuels and not that of a Spiritual Form. God destroyed the Giants when he flooded the Earth during the Times of Noah and the Ark and sealed them Beneath the Surface of the Land and Seas to fuel the fires of Eternal Hell. The Rising of the First Dead done by the Acts/Works of Mankind that brings forth the Major Problems of today as to how Mankind is being Judged By. The Second Rising of the Dead Shall be that of a Spiritual Rising first from the Ancient Past and advance Forward in time. For those in the Past shall be Spiritually Judged first those of being in Gods Good Graces will go on to Gods Kingdom and those who are not will be cast into the Eternal Lake of Fire for all Eternity. Not to be confused with the Eternal Abyss the opening the Golden Doors to Hell where all living shall be cast into that does lead to the Fiery Pits of Hell where they will spend all Eternity with the God/Gods for which they chose to follow. 

The Image is from the Beginning of Time when God sent the People to the Four Corners of the Earth for which to Multiply and do Gods Work. The Native American in the image were the Keepers of all that that had Flight, Keepers of the Birds of Prey the Falcon, the Eagle, the Condor, the Voucher, the Hack, the Buzzard and other Flesh eating and Hunters of the Varmints of the Earth and to aid in the cleanup of other predator kills. 

The Spiritual Rising is of Body and whole as a group or congregation of all those of the Tribe/Tribes of the Area who did Keep Gods Plan          

The Second Warning

The Second Raising is a Spiritual Raising of the Dead. The Second Warning to the Native American People in the Ares, Do not surrender the Lands and to guard and keep them safe and to share with all those who come until he returns. (Jesus Christ) The Highlighted area in the image is the Cross Beam of the Cross in the Earth