Satan's Lair burning man

Black Rock City, Black Rock Desert, NV


In the heart of the Black Rock Desert is a place now known as Black Rock City, that every year they hold a Festival known as Burning Man that symbolizes the death/Burning of mankind. The event that is held there does promote and sanctions Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Nudity, as well as other immoral acts as subjecting Children, Minors under the age of 18 that some make it a family holiday. At this event there are usually several deaths each and every year that was caused either by drug overdose, getting run down by an Automobile or even a shooting.

The Amphitheater is manmade a long with the Pentagon path that surrounds it. The pentagon had only shown after it was Government Sanctioned so the State and Federal Agencies could collect fees and taxes for Tickets sold to attend, Permits for the Event, Items sold by vendors as well as contractual leases for the land. 

There is also a private Airport landing strip capable of landing small Leer Jets allowing the Wealthy and Upper Middle Class to join the Festival of the Burning of a Human Man like figure demonstrating Mankind Burning in the Fires of Hell. 

Satan's Motives

This is a site where Satan promotes and rewards his followers with Drunkenness, Drugs, Sex, Nudity and other Despicable Acts all to Celibate the down fall of Christianity and Mankind all in display of the Burning Man Event; Mankind burning in the flames of Hell. Satan Celebrating his victory over God by destroying Mankind      

Satan's kingdom is Rising

Satan's Black Rock City (Lair)

The Heart of Satan's Kingdom in the Black Rock Desert Northwest Corner of Nevada. Burning Man the Evil Ritual that brings Satan's Kingdom to Life. Demonstrating the Burning of Mankind. 

Satan's Temple now being Built

As you watch from Google Earth you will be able to monitor the Building of the Pyramid of Satan's Temple Taking place in the Black Rock Desert.  

Satan's Serpent Rising

Satan's Serpent is Rising and Gaining Strength through the Venomous Bite to Kill, Symbolizing the Genetic Altered Plants used to Create Generic Drugs, Known as Cannabis extracts of Marijuana and other Generic Drugs. 

The Alien and Satan

The Alien aiding Satan is the Space Program of today that brought forward Genetic Alteration, Generic Developing, Stem Cell Manipulation, Cloning and DNA Altering to build his Super Race. For God States; Do not turn to the Stars for the Answer for it is as in Heaven as it is on Earth. 

The Eyes of Lucifer

The Satellites in the Sky's of today are like that of the Double Edge Sword that has the ability to work for Good or Evil. In the control of Evil (Lucifer the Evil acts of Men) who use such instruments  of Modern Times to be the Controlling Factor of all things, Markets, Banking, Transportation, Communications, Under Writing, Insurance, Prices, Trade and Sanctions, Duties and Taxes all for the Glory of Power.     

The Venom of the Serpent

Genetic Engineering, Altering, Modifying and Creating of New Life (Supper Races) in Plants, Humans, Animals, Insect, Sea Life and Generic and Synthetic Products, Foods, Medications and Drugs all Artificially created by Mankind to Over Throw Gods Plan the Hostel Takeover of Jesus Christ's Kingdom,