The 80%-20% Plan vs The 90%-10% Plan


The 80%-20% Plan

Governmental & Business Plan

When you take a good look into the 80%-20% Plan in aspects of your life you will discover where the Money went and Who is designing the Mechanism that is designed to keep you bound into Financial Slavery and why. The main reasoning behind this Plan is to keep the people under their control and not that of your own free will, for if everyone became Wealthy then there would be no one to Serve the Wealthy and then they would have to depend on Themselves for their very needs. For if everyone became Wealthy the Wealth would then become Worthless and Major Chaos would come into Play. Without the Guidance of Jesus Christ and God Almighty who has always had the better plan that seems Humanity has walked away from only to find themselves trapped into the World of Mass Confusion under the 80%-20% Plan that only leads to Crime and Corruption for the 80% goes to the Top and the 20% goes to the Bottom whether it be Income or Debt those on the Top will always Create the ways to keep you bound into Financial Slavery and under their Control. If anyone fails to Comply or Finds a better way as God and his Son would do, you then will find yourself under the Wrath of the Laws of the Land that rules only for the greater good of the Wealthy (How Much Justice Can You Afford) will come into play to stop the Better Way only to Chastise the Bottom (With Fines and Penalties) for the attempt to escape the 80%-20% Plan. For the Wealthy needs are only so they can stay in the Spot Lights of Fame, Fortune and Glory to stand high in Social Standing of looking good in the eyes of others who only are Creating their own Towers of Babylon where they fallow their own False Profits for ill Gotten Gains from the 80%-20% Plan. This Plan alone stands strong amongst the Lands and the Laws of today enforced only by those who Participate/Partake in for soon to become what you do Partake in that Spreads and Breads Crime and Corruption whether involved directly or indirectly it came to past. God States; You Shall be Judged by your Acts/Works and Punished by the Same, Like for Like, Eye for an Eye, Son for a Son whether Directly or Indirectly involved using the Same Words you use against his People (Ignorance to the Laws is no excuse, Guilt by association, Guilt by Participation directly or indirectly) you shall be judged and Punished.

The Rule of Thumb of the 80%-20% Plan is to Build, Create, Produce, Sale is for every five you get one free, duplicate it five times and will have a whole. (The Numbers Game) using the practices of buy low and sell high. Buy Five Sell One get Four Free 20% purchase 80% Profit.    

The 90%-10% Plan

The Better Way

The Churches of Today

In the very beginning God created the 90%-10% Plan for a good cause and purpose to lead prosperity throughout the Lands and Thy people, Thy Cause is Thy 10% and Thy Purpose is Thy Reward 90%  for all your hard work you put into Thy Acts into Thy Works, Both were designed to up lift you, one is by giving unto God the 10% the finest of your Acts/Works that up lifts your Soul and the 90% does the Same as to the things you Accomplished for there is nothing that compares to Self-Accomplishment to make feel Good from you Acts/Works to encourage and up lift you to do it again to Learn that if you Duplicate it Ten Time you will have a Whole and Giving unto God Ten Times he will also have a Whole. 

Gods Whole Entire Plan fallows the outline that is created in the Numeric Code where you see and feel the Truth when you Learn the Secret behind the Numeric Code. In the Numeric Code in this Situation the number One represents Man and the number Nine represents God, on the Top of the Two Columns Man is the Positive the One on the left and God is the Negative the Nine on the right. The Negative always seeks the Positive and the Positive always gives unto the Negative fallowing the 90%-10% Plan Man keeps 90% God gets 10%. Now look at the bottom of the two Columns Man on the left become the Negative and God on the right becomes the Positive, the Negative Man seeks the Positive God and the Positive God gives unto the Negative Man.(Blessings)  When you fallow this Plan in accordance with the Numeric Code you see this in the beginning at the Top of the Numeric Code 1+9=10 on the Bottom 9+1=10 that Symbolizes the Circle of Life; Unite the Two and give the Power to the One and View as an Entirety as a Whole and the Truth Shall be Told. The two that becomes United is Man and God and give the Power to the One that is the Zero that represents the Unity of the Two and the Circle is the Whole. It also represents duplicate it Ten Times and you will have a Whole the 90%-10% Plan. 

In the times of today in the World of Mass Confusion, Crime and Corruption Mankind has set a new pace in life by cutting Gods Plan in half to speed up the Profits to Create ill Gotten Gains. Amongst the Churches of today there are those who fallow Man Plan only to stay in the high standards of recognition in the eyes of Man building luxurious Temples, Churches and Houses in the pretense their giving unto God by building such a Glorious Image for all to see how great God has blessed them to gather in the Magnitude only to empower the Churches (False Profits) for the Gain of Wealth and Glory. 

Some Churches of today Forgot or Willfully broke the 90%-10% Plan for which God put into motion by his Acts/Works for what he Created “All is Good” only to be disrupted by what Mankind Created the World of Mass Confusion that brings forth Crime and Corruption amongst Humanity. The 90%-10% Plan of the Churches are the Same but Different as Man gave unto God and God then Blesses Man for his Kind Acts/Works for God and Humanity so all can be Good. When you use the Numeric Code and put the Churches on the Left that Represents God and Put the People on the Right the needy (The very types of people that fallowed Jesus Christ into the Wilderness (The Homeless, The Elderly, The Poor, The Sick, The Week and the Vets of Foreign Wars) you look at the Top of the two Colum’s the Positive on the Left the Churches and the Negative on the Right the Needy, knowing the Negative always seeks the Positive and the Positive always gives unto the Negative. The 100% of the Gifts given unto the Churches/God then becomes the Blessing upon Gods People. God always gives more then he Takes thus turning the 100% into 10%-90% Plan Leaving the 10% to the Churches/God giving the 90% as a Blessing unto the People on the Bottom who seeks God through the Churches to up lift their Lives and by teaching Gods Word and giving unto them they then can become better Members of Society through thy Church who then would Give 10% to Thy Church thus keeping the 90% to do it all over again. Thus Creating the Circle of Life for Both the Churches/God and Man/Humanity Thy Acts/Works for all Is Good (Gods Creation). The Churches today Keep the 90% and only Give the 10% to the People the Opposite of Gods Plan for Greed is now in the Churches thus miss using Gods Plan to only invest False Profits for ill-gotten gains to Raise up in the Social standard of the Spot Lights of Recognitions (It’s all about the Ratings) to attract Fame, Fortune and Glory the race to be number One the Only One True Religion, The Super Religion, The Super Race, The Superior Church, The Superior Race all for the Glory of Power, the Power of Glory.(Hello Hitler) who seeks to Rule the World a Hostile takeover of Jesus Christ Kingdom and His Bride (Mother Earth) While he away and Before he Comes!    


When you look at the Hidden Message that is foretold in the Bible Gods Word you find these words (As in Heaven, As is upon the Earth) A mirror Image the opposite but the Same that shows the Numeric Code works the Same Church the home of God the Above and the People being Below. This is why The Churches are meant to lead Humanity to Gods Kingdom through the Path of his Son Jesus Christ by up lifting the People on the Bottom the outcasts, the Homeless, the Poor, the Sick, the Week and Vets of Foreign Wars the types of people that fallowed Jesus Christ into the Wilderness. Not the Wealthy only to become Wealthy!  

A lot of the Churches of today combined with the people miss use the Gifts given unto them for other purposes to gain yet a greater Income to put themselves into the Realm of Glamor and Beauty only for the eyes of Man to attract the Same (Commercializing the Churches for Profit of ill Gotten Gain) leaving the People on the Bottom with little or nothing. Some Churches and their people turn their backs on the people on the Bottom in hopes they just go away just like the Churches did in the times of Jesus Christ that’s why they sought out Jesus Christ for guidance and help and Jesus Christ like God gave unto them through his Acts/Works he done, Comforting, Healing, Feeding and even Clothing, Shelter and Teaching of His Fathers Kingdom and his Plan for Humanity. As I walked/traveled about the country as Jesus Christ once did in search for his people I discovered Churches turning the people away redirecting them so Social Programs and Food Banks created to assist those in need. Society the Acts/Works of Men yet from another other than the Churches who’s only Goal is to trap these People into Financial Slavery to do their Bidding and because they cannot give 10% to the Churches they then become the Undesirable that No One wants. For as I have walked from Church to Church, Religion to Religion being that of the Poor I witnessed Silence (no one would talk to me) Backs turning toward me, People walking away, Doors being Block by Security only to be told your kind is not welcome here and stated we have a dress code here. All so they can look good in the Eyes of Others only to prove they have the greater Teaching that brings about Lust for Fame, Fortune, Glory and High Ratings of Social Attractions all by fallowing False Profits for ill-gotten Gains. Thus Creating the Circle of Mass Confusion, Crime and Corruption total Chaos about the Lands the total down fall of Gods Plan all that is Good. Each and every time I encounter the Churches from the North to the South and East to the West in speaking to their leaders in response to what I was told I just Simply replied; What makes you think that if Jesus Christ would come dressed in Fine Clothing only to look good in the Eyes of the Church and their People? He will not, he will as he did before dressed as the Homeless and the Poor to prove to the people once again all is Equal to him if you choose to Fallow Him. In the Hidden Message in the Bible there is place that points this out that did leave a lot people Confused For God/Son always done for Man first by creating Adam thy Acts/Works of God his Son did the Same but Different, He Washed the Apostles feet First to prove God will do for Man if Man will do for God and Not Man should do for Man for Man is not God nor are they the Son of God they are only the means to do Gods Acts/Works for all that is Good. (As God Stated in the Beginning) There is yet another Message in the Bible for the Churches/Religions in the Seven Letters to the Churches in the Book of Revelations when God States; When I ask you to bring forth your Gifts to Thy God all bring is that that is Faded, Worn, Torn and Ragged Tainted, Rotten and Spoiled you call these Gifts Worthy for Thy God that is not fit for a Swine/Pig. This is God telling the Churches they have Failed and shall feel Thy Wrath of God. 

This is the Message for the Churches to Turn Back to Gods Ways because Jesus Christ is Coming Back soon that’s why the Lambs Book of Life is now present upon the Earth it’s never too late to Change your Ways. Bring the Past forward and Change the present to move Forward on the True Path through Jesus Christ to God Almighty’s Kingdom the very thing he Created in the Beginning his Plan for all is Good the Circle of Life meant for all Eternity as he Promised would Happen. Become the Leaders of Men/Humanity and not Men/Humanity Leading the Churches for Men are not God nor do they have the perfect Plan for all that is Good. 

Learn the Difference Between Thy Staff and Thy Rod well illustrated in God’s Word the Bible from the Old to the New / The Beginning to the End from the Four Corners of the Earth where it all Began to the Four Corners of the Earth where it will all End to bring Forth Jesus Christ Kingdom for which Jesus Christ and his True Follower, The Meek and the Four Hundred and Forty Thousand will Rebuild his Kingdom for all that is Good for all Evil will be Gone for all Eternity and Never allowed to Return.