Messages From God


To Add Insult to Injury 

To Add Insult to Injury; By Acts and their Works Imposed Upon the Messenger of God will only Bare Witness as to who you are and whom you have Chosen to Follow. For Adding Insult to Injury upon Thy Messenger is to Impose it Upon Thy Son Jesus Christ for Whom you Claim to Worship and All Things Through Him Shall Manifest in His Fathers Kingdom and Shall Manifest Thy Insult to Injury to your God Almighty For Whom Claim as Your God and This is How you Repay Your God and My Son Whom you Claim As Your Lord and Savior Who Begged for Forgiveness For What You Do, For You Did Not Know What You Had Done. Yet Thy Now Impose Insult to Injury Upon Thy Messenger of God. For as I Had Sent Amongst You as I Had Sent Thy Son and Thy Moses Whom I Your God Sent Thy Laws!! For Whom has Now Risen Themselves Above Thy God for Whom you Now Worship!! And Thy Son For Which He Sent!! Heed To Thy Ways and Heed to Thy Words For All Those Whom Fail Shall be Cast Into the Abyss for Which it Came And Thy Others Shall BE Cast Into the Lake of Fire For All Eternity!! For I have Spoken. For From Thy Good Graces, Through Thy Good Graces Of Thy Son, To Thy Messenger Who Bring Forth Thy Message, Thy Messenger of Thy God Now Speaks To All From Thy Words, Thy Acts to Create Thy Works For Thy True Followers of Both Thy God and Thy Son.