The Serpent of Temptation and the Forbidden Fruit

The Garden of Eden and the Forbidden Fruits


The Serpent of Temptation from the Beginning of Time to now the End of Times and all Times in-between from out of the Past to the Present on to the Future for the Serpent of Temptation is the Fruit of Life and the Beginning of Trails and Tribulation and the Granting of your God Given Right the very Right to pic and chose Right from Wrong the very Right that Man cannot take away from you nor would God or his Son Jesus Christ would ever take away from you. In the Beginning the Serpent of Temptation was in the Garden of Eden now located in the Center of the Lambs Book of Life the Last Book written by God who placed it in the Four Corner of the Earth where it all Began and now Where it will all End. That Raises the greatest Question of them all, is the Western Hemisphere / Western Continent the Garden of Eden? The proof lies in the Facts of the Lambs Book of Life and the Bible Gods true Word that the Lambs Book of Life will have all names Written Within it from the very Beginning to the Very End thus putting the Lambs Book of Life in the Garden of Eden a long with the Serpent of Temptation. Other Facts known to Man all lines up with the Facts that the Western Continent was the Last Land Mass Discovered by Man and the Facts that the Angel of the Seas that stands on Both Land and Sea and the Serpent with the Golden Crown upon his Head and all Walks of Life are Gathering on or around the Lambs Book of Life now Present in the Four Corners of the Earth where it all Began and now to the Four Corner of the Earth where it will all End. There are other Facts well Documented by Man in the Days the Spanish Conquistadors who came to the West Coast of the Western Continent with no more than a Hundred Soldiers when they had landed upon the Shores First in Southern Mexico where the Population of the People of the Aztec Empire well exceeded a Million People. 

The Greatest advantage the Spanish had was their Weaponry Swords and Guns but was still no match if they were Stormed by all the People. What the Spanish brought with was the main Secret that brought down the Empires of the Western Hemisphere The Diseases and Pestilent from the Eastern World. For in the Western Hemisphere the Native Tribes did not have the Immune system within them to withstand such Diseases or the Pestilent that even brought more upon them, Similar to that of the Days of Moses in Egypt. So What kind of perfect life did they once live that the Lands in the Western Continent was Free of Diseases and Pestilence’s if it would not had Been the Garden of Eden (God Plan All is Good) the land of Milk and Honey where Mankind lived only taking what they needed and never sought after Fame, Fortune and Glory. The major cause of the Empires Fall from the South to North was documented over Time that major out breaks of Diseases was the major factor that brought down the Native People. 

The image Shown here is the Serpent of Temptation that is located in the Heart of the Lambs Book of Life. The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River is the means for which God used to create the Serpent of Temptation with a long twisting Body like a snake yet that like a Plant in a Garden with a head like a Man with a Crown upon his Head. The Forbidden Fruit for which Adam and Eve partook in was the Fruit of Reproduction from the Tree of Life for which they were punished by their Acts/Works. The Fruit of Reproduction is like that of the Double Edge Sword it swing in the direction of Good or swing in the direction of Evil that’s the reason God Forbid Adam and Eve of taken of the Forbidden Fruit upon the Tree of Life. The other image of Man in Colonial Dress with a Wig like Hair representing Benjamin Franklin for whom the Serpent of Temptation is Tempting with Electricity yet another Forbidden Fruit which Benjamin Franklin plucked from the Tree of Life when he Discovered Electricity with a Kite, a String, a Key and a Jar the means he used to pluck the Forbidden Fruit from the Tree of life. 

The Fruit for which Benjamin Franklin plucked (Electricity) from the Tree of Life is also like that of the Double Edge Sword you can yield in the direction of Good or you can yield in the direction of Evil. Because it was a Fruit like that of the Fruit of Reproduction Both could produce Offspring that could become Good or Evil. The Hidden Message in the Bible and the Numeric Code Both proves this when you look back at Atom and Eve who through the Forbidden Fruit Reproduction Created Cain and Abel, Abel became thy Staff the tender/caregiver of the Meek/flock and Cain became thy Rod that marks the Land and Plants the Seeds of the Four Hundred and Forty Four Thousand. Cain Killed Abel (Evil) Thy Rod, Abel Tended and Nurtured the Flock to produce the best Gift to God (Good) Thy Staff. When you apply Thy Staff and Thy Rod to the Numeric Code Thy Staff is the Left Colum and Thy Rod is the Right Colum. Thy Staff is the Positive on the Top and Thy Rod is the Negative on the Top. The Negative always seek the Positive and Positive always gives unto the Negative. Thy Rod Cain who Marks the Land and Plants the Seed the Negative seeks the Positive Thy Staff that tends and nurtures the Flock the Meek the Positive give unto the Negative, Scat, Dung, Tyus, Manure that all carries Seeds and Fertilization, Nutrients for which Plants need to grow. On the bottom of the two Columns Thy Staff become the Negative and Thy Rod become the Positive Thy Staff the Negative Able, The Meek, the Flock Seek the Positive Thy Rod Cain, The Four Hundred and Forty Four Thousand, The Plants always gives unto the Negative Food, Plants, Grains, Fruit, Berries, Foliage Thus creating the Circle of Life Gods Plan (All is Good) The Numeric Code fails when at the Top of the two Columns Thy Rod the Negative on the Right sought out the Positive Thy Staff and Thy Staff gave onto Thy Rod Thy Rod then Forced Thy Staff that created the outcome Cain Thy Rod Killed Able Thy Staff thus forcing the Circle of Life against is Will taking away its Right to choose Right from Wrong by attempt to Force it to Flow Backwards that Destroys the Natural Flow of the Circle of Life. 


The Forbidden Fruit (Electricity) for which Benjamin Franklin plucked from the Tree of Life Acts/Works in the same manner as the Forbidden Fruit (Reproduction) for which Adam and Eve partook in in the Garden of Eden. Adam first Created now represents Electricity, Eve second Created now represents the Generator who Reproduces the Forbidden Fruit (Electricity). Acts Plucked +Works Reproduces = Creation Electricity, Plucked / Gathered Thy Staff, Works Reproduces, Thy Rod. Now place them as the two columns of the Numeric Code Thy Staff left Colum Positive and Thy Rod Right Colum The Negative. The Negative always seeks the Positive and the Positive always Gives unto the Negative at the Top of the Columns and at the Bottom the two Columns the Positive becomes the Negative and the Negative becomes the Positive Once again the Negative seeks the Positive and the Positive always Gives unto the Negative Thus Creating the Direction of Flow Gods Plan. (All is Good) 

Now take A.C Power (Alternating Current) Alternating =Altered Current Created by Man. God Never Created anything on this Earth and in the Heavens Above that is Altered everything God Created goes a Natural Flow as that of D.C Current. To Alter the Natural Flow thus Forcing D.C Current against its Will severing its Right to Choose Right from Wrong (Evil going against Gods Plan (All is Good) In order for A.C power to work it needs a Source (D.C Current) to Take from to build its own/create A.C Current (Force) to change the Natural Flow (Reverse/Opposite of Natural Flow (Gods Plan All is Good) Now apply it to the Numeric Code and Thy Staff and Thy Rod. Put A.C Current on the Left Thy Staff and Put D.C Current on the Right Thy Rod at the Top the A.C Current Thy Staff is the Positive on the Left and the D.C Current Thy Rod is the Negative on the Right. Now the Negative always seeks the Positive and the Positive always gives unto the Negative as Gods Plan. In this situation it’s Altered by Taking and not Giving. So the Negative Seeks the Positive and the Positive Takes from the Negative to become the Greater Force to Push Backwards to the Bottom on the Left where it becomes the Negative who seeks the Positive at the Bottom on the Right when the Positive goes to give unto the Negative the Negative then takes by Force over taking the Weaker the Positive for which it took from at the Top and Forces it against its will the Right to Choose Right from Wrong and Forces it Backwards Thus Altering the Natural Flow of Current to produce the Greater outcome Force against Gods Plan All is Good to Create all that is Evil (Satan’s Plan to over throw Gods Plan All is Good) To Create Satan’s Plan (All is Evil) Now when the Alternating Current on the Left over Comes the Direct Current on the Right it become the Bigger Controlling Force (Cain Thy Rod) who then Kills the Top of the Left (Able Thy Staff the weaker less Powerful) Thus Creating the Altered Flow of Life for which it Came the Forbidden Fruit From the Tree of Life that Creates Gods Plan All is Good. 

Now the End Times for which we are living and the effects of A.C Current Altering the direction of Natural Flow. For God Almighty whom Created all in the Heaven and the Earth and everything Upon it and the Seas and all Within it. He did so by Creating the Natural Flow of all Things in the Heavens Above and Upon the Earth and Within the Seas. It’s Humanity Man that Creates the Super Natural, The Super Power, The Super/Superior Race, Super Plants, Super Drugs, and the Super Creators all through Altering Genetics Altering Current to Raise Above God or to prove they are more Superior than Almighty God the Creator of all that is, is that not the means to Overthrow God Almighty and his Son Jesus Christ and Steel his Bride, Mother Earth his Just Earned Kingdom or Just Seeking Revenge Against God Almighty by the Means of Lucifer (The Evil Acts of Men)and(The Antichrist those who fallow Lucifer by participation directly or indirectly lusting after False Profits for ill gotten Gains) in Honor of Thy Father Satan God Almighty of the Under World. 

Well God Almighty and his Son Jesus Christ has the Greater Plan as illustrated on the Lambs Book of Life you Shall be Judged and Punished by your own Acts/Works the very Acts you Created your Works to Force/Overthrow God and His Son to Steal his Bride and Kingdom Mother Earth. All to the lack of Common Sense that forms the Cloud of Mass Confusion between Sound Judgement and Error for which only to Cover up for the Self Righteous of High Knowledge without Wisdom, Common Sense Could Never be Wrong only Judging by their Almighty Wealth and High Social Positions and Ratings of Self Egos of Accomplishments whether Right or Wrong leaving out the simple Formula for every Action there is a Reaction Equal to or Greater Than or Equal to or Less Than. 

Now let’s take A.C Alternating Current and Apply it against D.C Direct Current on the Earth. 

When God Created the Earth and Everything on it and the Sea and Everything Within it was Created to last for all Eternity. Now when you View the Wording of the Numeric Code Take the one The Numeric Code/The Earth The Seas divide it in Half and stand them up as Two Pillars From Left to Right Unite the Two (Earth and Water) and Give the Power to the One View it as an Entirety as a Whole and the Truth Shall be Told. So now the Earth and everything upon it United with the Seas and everything Within it becomes One United Equality so Everything upon the Earth is also in the Seas and Everything Within the Seas is Within the Earth. What it’s Stating or Simply Something you’re not Seeing that is in Both Land and Sea is the Controlling Factor a Regulator Between that that is upon the Earth and that that is Within the Earth That makes Thing Happen. What you’re not seeing and cannot see is the Magnetic Lines (the Regulator) that has a Negative and a Positive Created by D.C Current. The Magnetic Lines Wrap around the Earth like that of a Copper Wire Wrapped a Metal Object with the aid of D.C Current The Earth then becomes a Magnet Thus Creating the two Poles North and South, Gravity Holding the Surface Together and Holding Everything upon it to the Earth Including the Seas and the Reverse side of the Magnetic Lines Repels Everything Within the Earth Thus Keeping Everything Bound Beneath the Surface, The Bars of Prison for Satan and all Evil. Now let’s Wrap the Earth as the Populations grow about the Surface of the Earth with Electrical Lines with A.C Current the opposite Flow of D.C Current That’s Constantly Taking Away from the D.C Current by Force, to the Point it will Reverse the Flow of the Magnetic Lines (Against it Will) Thus Causing the Poles To Shift (Reversing the Rotation) and Causing the Earth Crust to Cast off Everything upon it Loss of Gravity Thus Causing the Reverse Side of the Magnetic Lines to Suck up Everything Beneath the Surface of the Earth Such Major Chaos, Disruption and Destruction and all Evil it would Cause (Raising Satan to the Surface), if only for a moment would allow the Plates of the Earth to Open up and Suck in nearly everything upon the Earth until the Altered Energy Source A.C Current is Destroyed so D.C Current can then Heal and Pull it all Back together again and Restore the Order of Gods Plan (All is Good). If you ever worked with Electric Magnets and seen that constant use of the Magnet with D.C Current applying, reversing, applying reversing over and over again Creates Heat that Heats up the outer Shell/Crust of the Magnet and Weakens the Power of the Magnet until it Cools off. Now doing the Same thing with A.C Current with the aid of Power line on the Surface or beneath the Surface all under the Force created by A.C Current wrapped around the Earth like an Electric Magnet, Force a lone Creates Heat by Compression by Forcing it way through the lines aiding the speed it Travels that also Creates Heat causing the Shell/Crust of the Earth to Heat up Thus Melting down the Poles until they fail Thus Starting the Poles to Shift Thus Causing the Earth To Stop and Reverse the Rotation. 

When God Created the Magnetic Lines the Power Grid He also Created the Means to Keep it all Cool, The Polar Caps and the Seas so the Magnetic Lines the Power Grid and the Magnet the Earth would not and Could Not over Heat and maintain the Constant Current, The perfect Plan All is Good.  

Time to Think / Cause and affect

As for Satan had a plan to escape from the Prison for which he was bound beneath the Surface of the Earth, to unleash the power for which he was bound the bars of the Prison for which God put him behind. With the aid of his Son Lucifer (the Evil acts of Men) through the illusion and deception of Wealth and Power to create the instrument to Reverse Gods Creation that's keeping him bound beneath the Surface so Satan Lucifer's Father could Rise to Power only to destroy Gods Creation all within it and upon it