The Book of Mormon

The Book of Life Written by Man


Now we have the Numeric Code and we have a basic understanding of how the two halves form two Pillars now with that in mind I going to now give you an example as to what it is telling you. We are going to just use the Book of Life as one pillar and now unite it with yet another Book of Life, the same but different that are both here on the Earth and were both put here by God himself who does clearly state both Books were meant to be revealed in the End Times. Both books were both meant for his Son Jesus Christ when he come to claim his Kingdom and his Bride that are both the same but different, The Earth is his Kingdom and his Bride, double meaning. 

The Circle around the two Pillars Symbolizes Unity; unite the two and give the power to the one view it as an entirety as a whole and the Truth shall be told. The one you are giving the power to would be the Unity. The number Ten 10 Symbolizes just that, one unity O the Whole. Entirety is the Entire Circle around the Numeric Code. 

The Book of Life / The Lambs Book of Life is clearly stated as such in the Bible Gods Word. The other Book of Life is also stated in the Bible as the Book with no Name that shall not be written until the End Times for which both books were meant for. To identify both Books you have to note what they have in common, both books have a missing corner piece and the missing corner piece is the Key to each Book along with the Numeric Code which each book has its own Numeric Code that’s why there are two wayward Babes. The other thing they both have in common is they are both United together and forms two corners of the four corners of the Earth where it all began that is the four corners where it all ends as God states I am the Alfa the Omega the beginning and the end. The beginning of the four corners is the beginning of the front cover of the Lambs Book of Life which reads from right to left/east to west. The Book Life with no name reads left to right/west to the east. The Lambs Book of Life opens from the South to the North and reads from the top to bottom/North to South. The Book of Life with no name opens from the West to the East and reads from Left to Right/West to East from top to bottom North to South.  It works and functions as God had intended it to be for the reasons behind the way they are placed upon the Earth is written in the Hidden Message in God’s Word and Symbolized in the Numeric Code for just that cause and purpose only meant for these troubled times.  

The Lambs Book Of Life was written in Gods own hand, The Book Of Life with no Name that was not be written about until the End Times is the Book of Life that had to be written by Men for Gods purpose in the times of the End. That Book of Life now has a Name Known as The Book of Mormon written by the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints who done so by the gifts for which God gave unto them. In the beginning for which it began the Leader of the Church Sought out God for a better way of teaching for the Bible was not working for his people and the lifestyle they were living at the time. Ask and You Shall Receive, God did indeed answer his prayers and lead him to a Mound for which he discovered The Golden Plates the very foundation for which the Book of Mormon would be written upon. These Golden Plates were written in Ancient Egyptian Text, and Translated by the Leader of the Church Joseph Smith that started the very beginning of the birth of a new way of Teaching for his people/followers. 

Because of these new teaching and the lifestyle they were living based upon their new Religion these people were soon exiled and driven out of the lands where they were residing. Once again they sought out God for the deliverance from persecution to a land that they could call their own. 

Once again God did answer their prayers through their divine leader Brigham Young who was to deliver them to the Land of Zion in the west. There is a small passage in the Bible that portrays that very act. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me beside the still waters.” The vary lands they live upon is the Green Pastures and the Still waters the Bible is talking about is the inland bound Dead Sea known as the Great Salt Lake. The State of Utah is that Book with No Name that shall not be written until the time comes. That book was also written upon the Earth the Book of Mormon is one of the Keys that fits in the missing Corner Piece That tell the whole story of their Beliefs along with what lies in the missing Corner Piece Known as the Land of the Dead and the home of the first wayward Babe foretold in the Bible.

Now we have the two pillars The Lambs Book of Life in the South and the Book of Life written by man in the North knowing they both meet and create the west side of the Four Corners of the Earth where it all Began and where it all shall End. The Four Corners I am talking about is the Four Corners area where Utah the Northwest Meets Arizona the Southwest and Colorado the Northeast and New Mexico the Southeast. This is where the North meets the South and South meets the North and the West shall meet the East and the East shall meet the West, The beginning and the end the Alpha and the Omega. Now understanding this you should know that Christ shall come from the East to greet those who did keep their promise to God his father to watch over the lands and keep it safe and share it with all who comes without Wars or Conflicts until he Returns. 

Now facing from the East to the West that puts the Lambs Book of Life on the Left and the Mormons Book of Life on the Right and the Entire Circumference of the Earth becomes now the Unity. The Left pillar now represents Jesus Christ and the pillar on the Right now represents Mankind. The Left pillar is also noted on the Top as the Positive and the Negative on the Bottom and The Right pillar is noted on the Top as the Negative and the Positive on the Bottom. As the Earth turns when facing from the South to the North the Earth always turns Left to Right / Clockwise. (The Negative always seeks the Positive)  Now to understand how it works. Start at the Top, God the Positive who Created Man the Negative so whenever Man needs help Man seeks God and God gives unto Man now on the Bottom God being the Negative and Man being the Positive God seeks Man and Man gives unto God which forms a Clockwise Rotation in other words the Circle of Life. (Ask and you shall receive-Give your gifts 10% unto God)

Now why the two books? The Lambs Book of Life is Thy Staff and the Mormons Book of Life is Thy Rod all meant to be present in the End Times. Thy Staff is a Flock Tender who always gathers his Flock. Thy Rod was used to Mark the Earth and Plant thy seeds and later became a means of Punishment. (Don’t spare thy Rod, Spare Thy Child) The Lambs Book of Life will gather the people/Thy Flock and the Mormon Book of Life Thy Rod/Punishment of Thy people. 

When you use the Numeric Code from the top to the bottom and slide it down one notch you will see the two plus eight equals 10. The two now represents the two united and the eight represents Eternity giving the power to the one Unity Thy Judgement and Thy Punishment.     

The Numeric Code

The Numeric Code is a very simple unique set of Numbers when used as God intended them to be used it will reveal the Hidden Message in the Bible and grant one the ability to see and Translate the Lambs Book of Life and it will show the difference between the Book of Life Written by Man and the Lambs Book of Life Written/Created by God