The Hidden Message in the Bible


The Hidden Message in the Bible along with the Numeric Code that both are foretold in the Bible has always been in doubt by mankind mainly because Biblical Scholars and Mathematicians alike could never figure it out so it had been just chalked up as a myth or a figment of peoples Imagination and casted to the wayside as Nonsense. Many Religious Scholars have tried to find the Hidden Message by utilizing the Numeric Code as linking Chapter and Verse or Verse to Verse, Chapter to Chapter throughout the Bible to see if they could figure out the Hidden Message only to obtain little or no results only coming to a dead-end as it was also foretold in the Bible.  

In the beginning when the Hidden Message and the Numeric Code were created was created by God himself and passed on to his Son Jesus Christ. God also speaks in Riddles and was the primary Teacher of his Son. During the time Jesus Christ spent on the Earth he always taught by speaking in Riddles even amongst the Twelve Apostles in hopes they two would learn the Key to the Hidden Message. The Twelve Apostles alone as they stand is a great significance as to the Numeric Code when viewed as an Entirety as a whole the Truth would be Told. 

Throughout all of mankind there was only one man that ever pickup on the Hidden Message and the Numeric Code and did only so at the time of the Last Supper only after the Resurrection that single man was Peter the Fisherman of Men who gathered the Apostles together and lead them out into the wilderness where he could teach them the full secret of the Hidden Message and the Numeric Code so they then could write/create it in the Chapters in the Bible imbedding the Hidden Message throughout the Bible both Old and New Testaments. One Key to the Hidden Message in these very words is already given unto you only to illustrate so you can see for yourself. Jesus Christ himself was a Fisherman of Men and he taught Peter to become the Fisherman Men that could gather in the Flock. Jesus Christ and Peter by their Acts/Works Symbolizes Thy Staff. 

At the time of Jesus Christ Thy Staff and who was Thy Rod? Thy Rod is the means of punishment (Don’t Spare Thy Rod, Spare Thy Child) so the Law at the time was the Romans/Piolet who punished Jesus Christ and Crucified him Acts/Works Thy Rod. Thy Rod was also the tool to Mark the Land and plant the Seed. The Romans marked the Land and planted the seed (Taxes)

The Church at the time who was and meant to be from the days of Mosses was meant to be Thy Staff to gather in the Flock and teach Gods Laws and from the time of Mosses to the time of Jesus Christ they became the Self-righteous of being Laws of the land and Church both Judging and carrying out the Punishment Thy Rod. Where the Church failed God is when they started the pattern of the Egyptians, Thy Rod by collecting the Tithings, Gifts, Ten Percent of the Works/Acts of others that was meant for God which in turn were supposed to give them unto the very type of people who fallowed Jesus Christ into the Wilderness to Learn God Teaching. These Tithings and Gift were meant to uplift the people on the bottom up and by teaching they could become a good member of Society and a true follower of the Church and Pay their Ten Percent to God through the Church Thus keeping the life of the Church in the pattern of the Circle of Life Thus uplifting the Church in the Eyes of God. Yet another example of Thy Rod which broke one of the Ten Commandments Thou Shalt Not Kill is when they caught a women committing Adultery and was going to Stone her to Death until Jesus Christ intervened and because he was claiming to be the Son of God they handed him a Stone and asked him to cast the First Stone to inforce what they perceived was God’s Law but was only the Laws of Man to keep the women inline. When Jesus Christ Stated Unto Them; Let The First Without Sin Be The First To Cast The Stone then and only then did they drop their Stones and walk away for they themselves were guilty of the same Crime. When Jesus Christ then turned to the Adulteress and said go and Live your Life in Peace and Sin No More. This Act by the Church alone goes back to the very Beginning when the Thy Staff and Thy Rod were created. This is one part of the Hidden Message in the Bible (Thy Staff and Thy Rod)  Thy Staff was Thy Able who tended the Flock and Thy Rod was Cain who tended the Fields. Thy Staff was used to guide the Flock and gather them in and Thy Rod was used to mark the Land and plant thy Seed and keep the Vermin away by means of punishment. This is only one portion of the Hidden Message that comes from the Beginning and now to the End. The Alpha and the Omega God almighty who illustrates these very Acts/Works on and Trough the two Books of Life, The Lambs Book of Life and now The Book of Life that written by Man that both was meat for a greater purpose that explains why they are joined at the Four Corners of the Earth where it all began and Shall End. 

Thy Stone alone is one portion of the Hidden Message for Thy Stone is also Symbolic that carries a double meaning of Thy Acts and Thy Works or Thy Works and Thy Acts are the Same but different. Thy Stone becomes Thy Actions and Thy outcome of Thy Works. The Stone can be that of words or Gestures against a Soul of a person thus creating damage to one’s Soul the outcome of Thy Works. This is why it clearly stated in the Ten Commandments, Thou Shall not Trespass upon Thy Neighbor, and to cast Harish Words against another is to Trespass upon the Soul of another. Such words were even used against Jesus Christ in the times of the Crucifixion when they used these types of words mentally Deranged, strange, delusional now in the current times they use these words to profile people as a Mentally ill person, but are they all or do they have a Seventh Sense that allows them to see that all who sees cannot see? Could it also be a possibility that their Minds are far more superior then those around them and those who wish to profile them as a Mental Case? Could it also be due to better terms they lack the means to fully explain or better explain what they are experiencing not only in their mind but also their surroundings and the environment they are trapped in? 

The Hidden Message is like that of a Tree, The Tree of Life that is also represented in the body of Man the left and the right same but different. The Tree of Life is also the same but different the branches on the top and the roots on the bottom. Man can stand on the Earth and rotate to face different directions. The Tree of Life does the same but in a different way it grows in all directions and the Roots do the same. Both have the ability to multiply and grow in population the Tree gives back to the Earth every fall when is sheds it’s leaves to regenerate the Earth to thank the Earth for giving it life. Mankind is to do the same by giving unto God in thanks for him giving man life. In the beginning when God created Man, Man was Man until the times of Cain and Able. Man was a revolving symbol of Life until Cain Killed Able once that happened Man became divided as a symbol Able being the Left side and Cain being the Right side as it illustrates in the Numeric Code, Able being the Lift side at the Top the Positive and Cain became the Right side at the Top the Negative. Thus setting forth the meaning of Trials and Tribulations the Rises and Falls in Life in hopes Mankind would learn Gods Ways. The Trials and Tribulation you encounter in your life is a simple lessen to learn if you’re on the right path with God and Jesus Christ. Even Jesus Christ experienced this and gave you the answers when he encountered Satan and evil he was and drove him out with these simple Words “I Rebuke Thee Satan” and turned around and Wiped his Feet and Walked away. The very same thing you should do when evil comes your way or has a presents in your life, then and only then you can turn to God and his Son Jesus Christ for the assistance to get back on the right Path for which you need to be following. 

Thy Staff and Thy Rod will carry on after the End when Jesus Christ, his true fallowers, The Meek, and Four Hundred and Forty Four Thousand shall go forth to rebuild the Earth. Thy Staff will Guide and Protect the Meek God’s Creatures and Thy Rod will mark the Land and Plant the Four Hundred and Forty Four Thousand the different Species that grow upon the Earth. Jesus Christ being Thy Staff will always gather the Flocks of the Many to Guide and Teach the better ways of Life (All is Good) and Thy Rod shall be Thy people who will mark the Land and Plant Thy Seed to repopulate the Earth as God intended it to be in the Beginning.