The Four Corners of the Earth where The East meats the West and The Noth meats the South

The Four Corners of the Earth

The Place where it all began and the Place it Shall End


The Four Corners Area was brought about by the Acts/Works of Men all inspired by God to Create as a land marking to Mark the Four Corners of the Earth where it all began and where it all shall End. 

The Four States that marks out the Four Corners Area are Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, all States Lines were the inspiration of God to Create as purr Gods Plan so the two Books of Life could be located and identified as to what the meaning and purpose is of the two Books of Life that both join together at the Four Corners of the Earth where God placed the Lambs Book of Life meant only for his Son Jesus Christ who gave his life for Humanity and to bring forth the birth of Christianity through Gods Word the Bible in hopes all of Humanity would follow as if they were following Jesus Christ himself, as Jesus Christ stated; the only way to his Fathers Kingdom is through him (the Birth of Christianity) The Bible that was inspired by God through his Son to Mankind upon the Earth. 

The entire Northern portion of Arizona and the Northwest Corner of New Mexico is what makes up the Lambs Book of Life where there is multiple images that spells out the Acts/Works of Mankind and the Final Judgement of Mankind by the Acts/Works they done. The other Book of Life only known in the Bible as The Book with No Name that shall not be written until the Times of the End. That Book of Life had to be written by Man those who chose to seek a better way to teach other than Gods True Word the Bible for which Jesus Christ brought to Life, the Birth of a new way, a true path to his Fathers Kingdom. The Book of Life with No Name is the State of Utah where all boundaries/state lines were created by Man and the Book for which they teach from (a Better way to teach) is the Book of Mormon. You can identify both Books of Life by the Missing Corner Peace’s each book has, The Missing Corner Peace, the Lambs Book of Life is notched out by the State of Nevada and the other Book of Life is notched out by the State of Wyoming. Both Books of Life are Bound on the edge that runs along the Missing Corner Peace that determines the Direction for which they will be opened, West to East the Book of Life written by Man and South to the North the Lambs Book of Life.

Purpose of the two Books

The purpose of the two Books of Life is stated in the Bible as to the First and Second Books that shall be opened. The First Book to be opened is The Book of Life that was written by Man leaving the Second Book of Life to be opened is the Lambs Book of Life The Third Book to opened for which you will be Judged By is the Bible. The first book represents Thy Rod and the second book represents Thy Staff. Thy Staff gathers Thy Flock (the People) Thy Rod is the means of Punishment. (Don't spare thy Rod, Spare the Child) In the Beginning it represented Cain Thy Rod and Able they Staff