The Spanish Conquistadors in the Crown of the Serpent

The Last to have the Rights to Judge


The Spanish Conquistadors The Last to Have the Rights to Judge

The Ones For which God Granted The Rights to Judge 

To do his bidding 

The Spanish Conquistadors under the inspiration of God, For God Inspires Men to do his Acts/Works for which to stop Evil and the Corrupt from Rising up in the West of Idol Worshiping, Sacrificing of the Innocent Women and Children and Plaguing the Mind of the People by the Acts/Works for which they were Practicing creating an infestation of Evil Acts that started to affect the outcome of the Minds of Children to the point it now was a great Honor to be the Sacrilege for their Gods. For God States; protect the innocent for they are pure. To Sacrifice a Life of the innocent as Sacrilege in the eyes of God would be about the worst thing anyone could do, for this is Why the City of Atlantis, the Gods and the Serpent had to fall for all Humans are Babes in the eyes of the Heavens for they are far Greater in all aspects compared to Babes. 

The Serpent represents the Power of God, The Spanish Conquistadors represented the Rights to Judge to seek out all Religious Artifacts, Writings and the Corrupt destroying all articles of Gifts that were offered unto their Gods that was throughout their Temples, Gold, Silver and Precious Gems and Stones. Most of the Gold and Silver Artifacts were melted down before Transporting, very few Artifacts were shipped. There were some Artifacts the Priests and lower Realms of poisons of the Temples did manage hide to elude the destruction of the Spanish. 

There were a few Items in particular that represents the Reasons Why these people were lead a stray into Idol Worshiping and Worshiping other Gods such as the Phoenix the Bird God and the Goddess of Fertility, The God of Preservation the Mummy and others. Those Items were the Crystal Skulls that came from the City of Atlantis the home of the Gods. Some have been found Some are yet to be discovered and Some Destroyed. The Crystal Skulls were like Memory Banks similar to what we use today in Computers, they were also similar to Intelligence gatherers of information for the Gods. The Magnetic Lines that wraps around the Earth beneath the Surface of the Earth were the Communications lines, like fiber optics cables that are used today, The Internet. The Crystal Skulls in Atlantis the main Memory Banks, Internet Servers of Today once they processed the information they would then pass the information upward to Knowledge and Wisdom the Gods the Gods could then use the Double Edge Sword that has ability to cut in both direction Good of bad The Serpent Feast or Famine. 

This brings in the Statement in the Bible; (That Was, Is Not, That Is) it’s also referring to Satellite Networking systems of today. That was; The Powers of the City of Atlantis – is Not; Wiped Out – That is; Now the Power of the Internet – The Power of  Atlantis Restored. (The Rising of the Gods of Atlantis by the Acts/Works of Mankind)(For Good or Evil)                   

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